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Bugs for this script should be reported to the author via email.

The email address is available here:

Unfortunately, this script does not preserve permissions and files will lose their executable state (script version 0.9, on Unix based systems). Fixed in 0.9.1
Version 0.9.1 is identical to 0.9.0 on . Script upload error?
Ooops. Guess I uploaded the wrong one. I fixed it. Sorry it took so long, I had no idea. --December 20, 2012‎

This script appears to destroy symlinks on save, it will replace the link with a copy of the file it used to link to. Should at least warn about this on the script page. --March 29, 2013

That's definitely a bug. It should read the link and write to the destination. Hopefully I can be get around to fixing it later today, but no promises. --April 20, 2013

I know nothing of vim scripting, but I added my own hacky workaround that checks the file type and reverts to a regular save if it is a symlink or other non-"file" file. "Works For Me"™ --May 29, 2013

Actually the solution is just to replace calls to expand() with calls to resolve(expand()). I've done that now.


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