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Shift + arrow key support in Mac OS X's TerminalEdit

To have the shift + arrow key input (to move the cursor without drawing lines) work correctly in in OS X, it's necessary to add the following to Terminal's Preferences -> Settings -> Keyboard section:

shift cursor up:     \033[1;2A

shift cursor down:   \033[1;2B

shift cursor left:   \033[1;2D

shift cursor right:  \033[1;2C

Note that \033 is generated by typing Esc

Toolbar buttonsEdit

I've just been playing around with ToolBar button(s) and custom right mouse click menus for DrawIt. Maybe of interest to someone else:

amenu ]VlsDrawIt.Toggle\ Erase\ Mode<tab><space>   <space>
amenu ]VlsDrawIt.Make\ Blank\ Zone<tab>\\c         <Leader>c
amenu ]VlsDrawIt.Draw\ Flood<tab>\\e               <Leader>f

amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Arrow<tab>\\a              gv<Leader>a
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Box<tab>\\b                gv<Leader>b
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Ellipse<tab>\\e            gv<Leader>e
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Line<tab>\\l               gv<Leader>l
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Append\ Blanks<tab>\\s           gv<Leader>s

fun! s:StartDrawIt()
  aun ToolBar.DrawIt
  an <silent>icon=DrawItOff 1.16 ToolBar.DrawIt :call <SID>StopDrawIt()<CR>
  tm ToolBar.DrawIt               Stop drawing with DrawIt	\ds
  set lz
  call DrawIt#StartDrawIt()
  set nolz
  vunmap <buffer> <rightmouse>
  vnoremap <silent><buffer> <rightmouse> :<C-U>popup! ]VlsDrawItV<cr>gv
  nnoremap <silent><buffer> <rightmouse> :<C-U>popup! ]VlsDrawIt<cr>

fun! s:StopDrawIt()
  aun ToolBar.DrawIt
  an <silent> 1.16 ToolBar.DrawIt :call <SID>StartDrawIt()<CR>
  tm ToolBar.DrawIt               Start drawing with DrawIt	\di
  set lz
  call DrawIt#StopDrawIt()
  set nolz
  vunmap <buffer> <rightmouse>
  nunmap <buffer> <rightmouse>
an 1.16 ToolBar.DrawIt :call <SID>StartDrawIt()<CR>
tm ToolBar.DrawIt      Start drawing with DrawIt	\di


Bugs Edit

This is the only forum I've found for Bug reports, so:

I experienced an arrow drawing bug during which arrows with a dx < dy and drawn in the lower left to upper right manner (or vice-versa) would display '\'s instead of '/'s. Eg:

 B                     |                   |
/   A drawn to B ==>  \   Instead of ==>  /
A                     |                   |

[SOLUTION] Upgrade to v13c from

The way to submit bugs to Dr. Chip is old-fashioned, but robust: Send an email to the address listed in the plugin's header. The alpha version 13a / 18-Mar-2013 from his website has this issue already fixed. -- Inkarkat (talk) 08:10, September 13, 2013 (UTC)
Actually this issue is fixed in 13c / 13-Sept-2013, but from the same place.

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