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Use this page to discuss script 4118 vim-signature: toggle, display and navigate marks and signs

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The signature script is indeed excellent. I use it to quickly jump between various locations in source code. I mark lines I want to jump between with markers of a certain type, e.g. a '!'-mark by hitting 'm1' or a '@'-mark by hitting 'm2' and so on. I can easily jump forwards/backwards, say, between all '!'-marked lines with ALT+j/ALT-k when adding:

map <M-j> :execute "normal \<Plug>SIG_NextMarkerByType"<CR>
map <M-k> :execute "normal \<Plug>SIG_PrevMarkerByType"<CR>

to my .vimrc file.

Or, I can set the next free alphabetical mark with 'm,' and jump forwards/backwards in alphabetical order with CTRL-j/CTRL-k when adding:

map <C-j> :execute "normal \<Plug>SIG_NextSpotByAlpha"<CR>
map <C-k> :execute "normal \<Plug>SIG_PrevSpotByAlpha"<CR>

to my .vimrc file.

The display of these marks in the left column is very nice, quick, intuitive and non-cluttered (contrary to what I saw is the default setting in the ShowMarks script).

Very good work, Mr. Shenoy - thanks a lot!

Lineinthesand (talk) 11:02, December 7, 2012 (UTC)

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