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Use this page to discuss script 479 MultipleSearch: highlight multiple searches with different colors

  • Add constructive comments, bug reports, or discuss improvements (see the guideline).
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  • This page may be out of date: check the script's page above, and its release notes.

Bug reportEdit

The :SearchBuffers command does not work.

What version of Vim? What command did you enter? What did you see? JohnBeckett 08:07, August 10, 2011 (UTC)


Same here. SearchBuffers works just like regular search, thus resets any previous search.

vim --version VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Mar 12 2012 06:24:15) Included patches: 1-429

multipleSearch MultipleSearch.txt Simultaneously show multiple search results Ver. 1.3

Maintainer: Dan Sharp <dwsharp at hotmail dot com> Last Changed: 13 Aug 2008


For me, it only works with vim but not with gvim. (Piervit)

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