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Use this page to discuss script 5019 oengsimple: simplified keymap for Old English (Anglo Saxon)

  • Add constructive comments, bug reports, or discuss improvements (see the guideline).
  • Do not document the script here (the author should do that on
  • This page may be out of date: check the script's page above, and its release notes.


For your convenience, here are all the mappings available in oengsimple.vim.

" uppercase
AE    Æ capital letter ash (Unicode 0x00c6)
DH    Ð capital letter eth (Unicode 0x00d0)
TH    Þ capital letter thorn (Unicode 0x00de)

" lowercase
ae    æ small letter ash (Unicode 0x00e6)
dh    ð small letter eth (Unicode 0x00f0)
th    þ small letter thorn (Unicode 0x00fe)

" prevent keymap of digraph
/A    A (prevents AE -> Æ)
/D    D (prevents DH -> Ð)
/T    T (prevents TH -> Þ)

/a    a (prevents ae -> æ)
/d    d (prevents dh -> ð)
/t    t (prevents th -> þ)

//    / solidus (slash)

" uppercase
-A    Ā capital a with macron (Unicode 0x0100)
-AE   Ǣ capital ash with macron (Unicode 0x01e2)
-E    Ē capital e with macron (Unicode 0x0112)
-I    Ī capital i with macron (Unicode 0x012a)
-O    Ō capital o with macron (Unicode 0x014c)
-U    Ū capital u with macron (Unicode 0x016a)
-Y    Ȳ capital wye with macron (Unicode 0x0232)

" lowercase
-a    ā small a with macron (Unicode 0x0101)
-ae   ǣ small ash with macron (Unicode 0x01e3)
-e    ē small e with macron (Unicode 0x0113)
-i    ī small i with macron (Unicode 0x012b)
-o    ō small o with macron (Unicode 0x014d)
-u    ū small u with macron (Unicode 0x016b)
-y    ȳ small wye with macron (Unicode 0x0233)

--    - hyphen-minus (Unicode 0x002d)
/-    - hyphen-minus (Unicode 0x002d)

" uppercase
.C    Ċ capital cee with dot above (Unicode 0x010a)
.G    Ġ capital gee with dot above (Unicode 0x0120)
.Y    Ẏ capital wye with dot above (Unicode 0x1e8e)

" lowercase
.c    ċ small cee with dot above (Unicode 0x010b)
.g    ġ small gee with dot above (Unicode 0x0121)
.y    ẏ small wye with dot above (Unicode 0x1e8f)

/.    . full stop (period) (Unicode 0x002e)

" symbols not normally used in student texts but present in OE manuscripts

" uppercase
#D    Ꝺ capital Insular dee (D) (Unicode 0xa779)
#F    Ꝼ capital Insular ef (F) (Unicode 0xa77b)
#G    Ᵹ capital Insular gee (G) (Unicode 0xa77d)
#R    Ꞃ capital Insular ar (R) (Unicode 0xa782)
#S    Ꞅ capital Insular ess (S) (Unicode 0xa784)
#T    Ꞇ capital Insular tee (T) (Unicode 0xa786)
" lowercase
#d    ꝺ small Insular dee (d) (Unicode 0xa77a)
#f    ꝼ small Insular ef (f) (Unicode 0xa77c)
#g    ᵹ small Insular gee (g) (Unicode 0x1d79)
#r    ꞃ small Insular ar (r) (Unicode 0xa783)
#s    ꞅ small Insular ess (s) (Unicode 0xa785)
#t    ꞇ small Insular tee (t) (Unicode 0xa787)
##    # number sign (Unicode 0x0023)
/#    # number sign (Unicode 0x0023)

*e    ⁊ [ Tironian et]  (Unicode 0x204a)
-TH   Ꝥ capital thorn with stroke (abbr. for Þæt) (Unicode 0xa764)
-th   ꝥ small thorn with stroke (abbr. for þæt) (Unicode 0xa765)
*us   a᷒ combining 'us' above (type after the letter) (Unicode 0x1dd2)
*_    a̅ combining overline (type after the letter) (Unicode 0x0305)

..    · [ interpunct] (Unicode 0x00b7)
*.    · [ interpunct] (Unicode 0x00b7)

*i    ı small dotless i (Unicode 0x0131)
*s    ſ [ long ess (s)] (Unicode 0x017f)
*W    Ƿ capital wynn (Unicode 0x01f7)
*w    ƿ small wynn (Unicode 0x01bf)
**    * asterisk (Unicode 0x002a)
/*    * asterisk (Unicode 0x002a)

--April 9, 2015

Is the above useful on this page? JohnBeckett (talk) 23:51, April 9, 2015 (UTC)


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