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It would be nice if mru could replace long paths in filenames with short names. For example, after I edit the file /home/user/projects/00_my/tasks/22-validation-rules/repo-1.03/dbscripts/some/more/paths/to/a.txt and go to the MRU filelist, I cannot see the whole filename because it is too long.

I'd like to be able to define an environment variable, e.g.


and configure a variable like mru_prefixes=dbscripts in vimrc. Afterwards, MRU could display the file as


--November 15, 2011

Please could you clarify the license of this plugin? Would you be open to allowing me to use your code as a basis of another vim plugin (I would give credit) --April 28, 2012

Bug Edit

Open in tab doesn't workEdit

The reproduction steps and screenshot result are listed here:

Fails on square brackets in pathEdit

In Windows, when a path contains square brackets (like in C:\test\path name [with] brackets\myfile.txt), the following error is thrown:

 Error detected while processing BufEnter Auto commands for "*"
Can't find directory "C:/test/path name /[with] brackets" in cdpath
 E472: Command failed

--November 5, 2012

First time callEdit

If I call :MRU for first time, It gives me the following error message:

 Error detected while processing <SNR>29_MRU_Cmd..<SNR>29_MRU_Open_Window:
 line 125:
 E21: Cannot make changes, 'modifiable' is off:     $delete
 Press Enter or type command to continue

If I press enter, __MRU_Files__ is empty. If I call :MRU again, it works.

--August 1, 2012

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