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I created this Vimscript (adopted from `kde-devel-vim`) for myself to be a more generic C++ helper script (not so KDE/Qt specific). I want to give full credit to the original authors so I added a header in the script file with the original writeup and a link to the location where I found it.

My main goals for this script when I started modifying the original were to add:

  1. Maintenance free `makeprog` setup which supported "out-of-source-builds".
  2. Maintenance free `tagfile` creation.
  3. Help me stay consistent with my indent/coding style (K&R-ish). The original had some formatting helpers and this was a big shortcut for me.

Functionality provided by this script

  • Automatic brace and parenthesis addition. _Intelligence added to place braces on same line as `if`,`while`,`do`,etc._
  • Automatic space between keyword and paren addition.
  • Quick switching between header and impl file.
  • Intelligent includes additions. EG: Automatic '#include /<string.h/>' statement when cursor is on `std::string` statement.
  • Ability to add "standard" (to be overridden for personal or project stds) comment headers.
  • Change and TODO log entry helpers.
  • (un)comment line toggle. _This feature also works with visual selection as well._
  • Intelligent directory searching to enable "out-of-source-building", like in the use of CMAKE.
  • Generic tab completion for braces, parenthesis and quotes. This feature is only meant for convinces, please use a mechanism like "SnipMate" for better tab completion.
  • Ability to align assignments in surrounding statements.
  • Automatic tagfile write for better project source code navigation.
  • Automatic 'path' setting for 'gf' command navigation.
  • Custom 'Make()' function/command to support better out-of-source-building; this should build the project from any source code file in the project.

How do I get set up? If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing [pathogen.vim](, and then simply copy and paste:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone
vim -u NONE -c "helptags cpp-devel-vim/doc" -c q

Otherwise you can always download from ( devel-vim/downloads/cpp-devel-vim_v1.0.0.tar.gz) and extract it manually (FYI: the `cpp-devel-vim.vim` file is supposed to be in your vim `plugin` directory).


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