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created 2002 · complexity basic · author Larry Clapp · version 6.0

You can make Vim scroll the text using the shifted up/down arrows by mapping Shift-Up to Ctrl-Y and Shift-Down to Ctrl-E.

map <S-Down> <C-E>
map <S-Up> <C-Y>

Shift-Down will then scroll down (like moving a scroll-bar down, or like moving a cursor at the bottom of a window down), and Shift-Up will then scroll up (like moving a scroll-bar up, etc).

If you'd rather think about the text moving down/up instead of the cursor moving up/down, you can of course swap the mappings.

If you normally use j and k for cursor movement, and rarely use the arrow keys, you can map the arrow keys directly, in which case I'd probably map the shifted arrow keys back to cursor movement:

map <Down> <c-e>
map <Up> <c-y>
map <S-Down> j
map <S-Up> k

Vim by default maps S-Down and S-Up to Ctrl-F and Ctrl-B, for both normal and visual mode. Keep this in mind if you change some of the above mappings to "nmap", because you'll probably also want to look in to "vmap".

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This would be great, but doesn't work with my combination of secure F SSH (windows) and TERM=xterm. The arrows cannot be mapped as <Up>, etc, nor the <home> key. Any idea about why?


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