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created 2004 · complexity basic · author Dave Silvia · version 6.0

You might want to search for the current word in another window, without changing the view shown by the current window. Enter the following then press \w (assuming the default backslash leader key). That will split the window, then search for the current word in the other window. Press n for the next match, or N for the previous match. When finished, press Ctrl-w c to close the window.

:nnoremap <Leader>w :let @/=expand("<cword>")<Bar>split<Bar>normal n<CR>
:nnoremap <Leader>W :let @/='\<'.expand("<cword>").'\>'<Bar>split<Bar>normal n<CR>

If the cursor is on "rain", pressing \w will find "rain" and "drain" and "rainbow". However, pressing \W will find "rain" only.

Alternatively, if you are already showing two windows on the same file (that is, you have used :split), then the following map will search for the current word in the other window. Press Ctrl-w w to return to the original window.

:nnoremap <Leader>w :let @/=expand("<cword>")<Bar>wincmd w<Bar>normal n<CR>

You can also use marks to return to where you started the search:

``   Returns to where you started the last search.
`.   Returns to where you last made an edit.

Or just set a mark (press mm), do the search, then return to the mark by pressing `m



Is this in some way better than CTRL-W * and CTRL-W # mappings in our short mappings tip?

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