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Search for lines not containing pattern

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created March 21, 2006 · complexity basic · author Bertram Scharpf · version 6.0

When examining a long log file, you might want to find lines not containing a word. For lines not containing "Warning", the search command is:





You might want to add a little note on matching, as the manual states..."Using "\@!" is tricky, because there are many places where a pattern does not match".

If you want to see all such lines at once, there's the traditional (but simple):


A neat trick when working with a large log file where you want to filter out as many irrelevant lines as possible before you get started on your real search is:

:sav junk.log

Now you are editing a clone of your original file and can mess about at will. For example, the following will delete all lines that do not contain the text "warning":


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