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  1. AES256 encryption in Vim
  2. A better Vimdiff Git mergetool
  3. A better gm command
  4. A better interfacing of (La)TeX with the quickfix mode
  5. Abbreviation that prompts whether to expand it or not
  6. Abbreviations only on shortcut
  7. Accelerated motion
  8. Access Python Help
  9. Access using Newsgroup Reader
  10. Accessing the system clipboard
  11. Act on text objects with custom functions
  12. Add/change file extension in current buffer
  13. Add Java import statements automatically
  14. Add Vim to Windows Send To menu
  15. Add Vim to the Windows Explorer context menu
  16. Add a newline after given patterns
  17. Add classname based on filename while in input mode
  18. Add html tags with substitute
  19. Add trailing blanks to lines for easy visual blocks
  20. Add your function heading with a keystroke
  21. Add your note files to Vim help
  22. Adding MPI and PVM syntax highlighting
  23. Adding Vim to MS-Windows File Explorer Menu
  24. Adding a console to gdbvim
  25. Adjust display brightness in Mac OS X
  26. Align endif with corresponding if or ifdef directive
  27. Align numbers at decimal point
  28. Align text into a table
  29. Align text plugin
  30. All folds open when opening a file
  31. All the right moves
  32. All tips for C family programming
  33. Allow Inform header files to be distinguished from C headers
  34. Alter the display of buffers in the buffers menu
  35. Alternate delimiters for the replace command
  36. Alternative tab navigation
  37. Always keep quickfix window at specified height
  38. Always start on first line of git commit message
  39. Ampersand in freebsd shell commands to view LaTeX files
  40. Any word completion
  41. Append output of an external command
  42. Apply range to any command that does not accept ranges
  43. Applying substitutes to a visual block
  44. Arbitrary tags for file names
  45. Associate files with no extension to Vim under Windows
  46. Auctex-style environment creation in LaTeX
  47. Auto-detect number of cores for parallel build
  48. Auto-fold Perl subs
  49. Auto-save current buffer periodically
  50. Auto closing an HTML tag

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