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This tip is deprecated for the following reasons:

This tip is deprecated by the surround plugin.

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created September 9, 2005 · complexity basic · author Jan Christoph Ebersbach · version 6.0

Inspired by VimTip987 I wrote a small function to surround selected text in visual-mode with text.

For example, to quote a selection:

before: bla bla Selected Text bla bla
:'<,'>call Surround('"', '"')<CR>
after : bla bla "Selected Text" bla bla
fun! Surround(s1, s2) range
  exe "normal vgvmboma\<Esc>"
  normal `a
  let lineA = line(".")
  let columnA = col(".")
  normal `b
  let lineB = line(".")
  let columnB = col(".")
  " exchange marks
  if lineA > lineB || lineA <= lineB && columnA > columnB
    " save b in c
    normal mc
    " store a in b
    normal `amb
    " set a to old b
    normal `cma
  exe "normal `ba" . a:s2 . "\<Esc>`ai" . a:s1 . "\<Esc>"

Surround also works for a selection over more than one line.

before: bla bla Selec
ted Text bla bla
:'<,'>call Surround('"', '"')<CR>
after : bla bla "Selec
ted Text" bla bla

Some handy mappings:

vnoremap _" :call Surround('"', '"')<CR>
vnoremap _( :call Surround('(', ')')<CR>
vnoremap _[ :call Surround('[', ']')<CR>
vnoremap _{ :call Surround('{', '}')<CR>

I defined it as a command to perform fast on-demand-surroundings

command! -range -nargs=* Sur call Surround(<f-args>)
before: bla bla Selected Text bla bla
:'<,'>Sur (<\ - -\ >)
after : bla bla (< -Selected Text- >) bla bla


"wrap highlighted text in doublequotes
:vmap [q "zdi"<C-R>z"
"these wrap ansi color character commands around the visualmode selected text - good for adding
"color to stdout [b=blue, [r=red, etc
:vmap [b "zdi<C-V><Esc>[1;34m<C-R>z<C-V><Esc>[0m<Esc>
:vmap [r "zdi<C-V><Esc>[1;31m<C-R>z<C-V><Esc>[0m<Esc>
:vmap [m "zdi<C-V><Esc>[1;35m<C-R>z<C-V><Esc>[0m<Esc>
:vmap [c "zdi<C-V><Esc>[1;36m<C-R>z<C-V><Esc>[0m<Esc>
:vmap [y "zdi<C-V><Esc>[1;33m<C-R>z<C-V><Esc>[0m<Esc>
:vmap [g "zdi<C-V><Esc>[1;32m<C-R>z<C-V><Esc>[0m<Esc>

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