TOVL - the one Vim library Edit

Note: TOVL didn't take off for various reasons. I'm still using it and I will continue using it for my purposes. However I still want to enhance sharing of code which requires that there is a nice way to express plugin dependencies. Thus I created a new project: vim plugin manager

I've chosen that name because was missing one feature:

Updating scripts easily while preserving your customizations.. Of course there will never be the "one vimlib".. but maybe we can get close?

The idea is to collect stuff most people would like to use and make installation, updating and customization as easy as possible.

It also supports

  • loading and unloading of plugins gracefully without restarting vim.
  • customizing different plugins using one interface
  • kind of very simple OOP programming style
  • enhanced function references
  • vimscript omni completion
  • running tasks in background, feeding stdout into quickfix
  • filtering quickfix items by file regex
  • mappings for renaming or copying files you're editing
  • Diffing your customizations with the default configuration
  • ...

Installation is done by getting the repository and then activating the plugins you'd like to use. It looks like this: [1]

External links: [2] start by reading core/docs/* [3] and maybe the top level README.

(I won't copy paste that information because it will not stay up to date)

Think about contributing and merging your plugins into this repo.

Please provide feedback to the author (Marc Weber) on this tip.

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