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created March 11, 2003 · complexity basic · author Xiangjiang Ma · version 6.0

In insert mode, I would like to

  1. Keep typing without auto-wrap (good for editing vimrc and c).
  2. Wrap long line at will (good for email and text).

Following is the map I figured out, using <C-B> in this example:

set sr fo=roqm1 tw=64
im <C-B> <C-O>:setl sr! fo<C-R>=strpart("-+",&sr,1)<CR>=tc<CR>_<BS><Right>

By default, it goes without auto-wrap. If I want, I can type <C-B> to toggle auto-wrap. Another <C-B> toggles back.

Basically it toggles two settings:

:set fo+=tc<CR>
:set fo-=tc<CR>

strpart() is used for toggling; "sr" is choosing for no good reason; "_" can be any char; <BS><Right> is needed to toggle this action.


I found on Unix, we don't need the last part of the map.

im <C-B> <C-O>:setl sr! fo<C-R>=strpart("-+",&sr,1)<CR>=tc<CR>

Just found that it is not related Unix or Windows.

It is a settting of virtualedit. For current vim version (6.1), if we

:set virtualedit=insert

We need the last part in the map, otherwise, we don't need it.

To easily turn on and off automatic line wrapping, there are "wrap" and "nowrap" options. For example, wrapping can be enabled thus:

 set wrap

Or to disable, use:

 set nowrap

You may also need to set `textwidth`, which controls the line size (not just the presentation of the line). To turn of the text width, use:

 set textwidth=0

To set a line to 80 characters, use:

 set textwidth=80

For more, `help textwidth` or `help wrap`.

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