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created 2002 · complexity intermediate · author Larry Clapp · version 6.0

I found a website ( that likes to obfuscate some help file web pages using &#nnn; instead of normal ascii. If you load the source with Vim (in Opera you can just designate Vim as your source viewing program), you can :source the following code to make it readable.

let n = 32
while n < 127
  if n == 38
    silent! exec '%s/&/\&/g'
  elseif n == 47
    silent! exec '%s///\//g'
    silent! exec '%s/&#' . n . ';/' . nr2char(n) . '/g'
  let n = n + 1

Disclaimer: I hacked this together in about 10 minutes. It worked suitably for one web site. Your mileage may vary.



[Author implies there are some bugs in above.]

I'll upload the code as a script instead. See script#223.

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