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Ubuntu 13.04, Vim, Gvim and Commnand-T

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For those who has upgraded ubuntu to version 13.04 and got problems with his favorite text editor.

The problem: cannot make to work vim with command-t plugin

First I tried an old way

   sudo apt-get install vim-gnome

by default it installs vim version to 7.3 with the patch about 545 when try to use command-t get error

   Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV
   Vim: Finished.
   Segmentation fault

found out this is due to bug in vim

tried to apply a patch - no luck

tried to build latest vim version from source according to

got problem when compiling vim with ruby support (and gvim btw)

checked many posts and all of them say to use mercurial (don't know why)


build vim 7.4 from source using git mirror don't know how and why but with sources from git it worked for me

   git clone
   ./configure --with-features=huge --enable-rubyinterp --enable-gui=gnome2
   sudo make install

after that I've got vim 7.4b, gvim and with ruby support

now ready to install command-t

I installed it with vundle.vim (I think no matter how to install it)

go to plugin directory and according to installation instructions

   cd ~/.vim/ruby/command-t 

(in a case with vundle it is in ~/.vim/bundle/Command-T/ruby/command-t)

   ruby extconf.rb

IMPORTANT: run those with ruby 1.8.7. Didn't play with other versions but with 2.0.0 definitely didn't work for me

Could be problems with RVM

Even if you explicitly set version to 1.8.7 it still uses 2.0.0. Probably due to default version. I tried to change default version bu 1.8.7 but no luck Solution:

   rvm uninstall 2.0.0

Conclusion: - Ubuntu 13.04, - build vim from sources, - use vim 7.4b version - use git repository to fetch sources, - compile with ruby support - compile with gnome gui support - use ruby 1.8.7

Hope it will be helpful for somebody


"checked many posts and all of them say to use mercurial (don't know why)"

Probably because the official Vim repository is in Mercurial at The Github repository you cloned is only a mirror of the official Mercurial repository. But if you're more familiar with Git, then it should work just as well. It is just not updated as frequently. --Fritzophrenic (talk) 14:58, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

I went through Mercurial, apt-get install vim-nox and vim-rails all of which where having a-lot of problems on ubuntu 13.04. Nerd tree would load the first file as a shared tab with 1 line showing. Also not all of my plugins would load. The repo here worked great thank you.

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