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Use Vim to expire your mail so Mutt will delete them later

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created 2003 · complexity basic · author Nazri Ramliy · version 6.0

Mutt has a feature to list expired mails (~E). Sadly, there's no built in way to set the expiry date of a certain mail so I came up with a Vim mapping to manually insert the "Expiry:" field of the mail header. It will ask for the date the email should expire (default is 'today') and then run the date command to produce the RFC-822 compliant date.

Here's the mapping and related function:

" Set expire date for the currently edited mail
nnoremap <buffer> <localleader>e gg/^Date: <CR>:call GetExpiryDate()<CR>:exe "normal! oExpires:\ndate --rfc-822 -d '". ExpiryDate."'"<Esc>!!sh<CR>kJ<CR>
function GetExpiryDate()
  call inputsave()
  let g:ExpiryDate = input("Enter expiry date: ", "today")
  call inputrestore()


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