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created 2005 · complexity basic · author Jean-Rene David · version 6.0

To use glimpse to search your files instead of grep -r, you can use these mappings:

set grepformat+=%f:\ %l:%m
set grepprg=glimpse\ -nyH\ $HOME/indexdir\ $*
nnoremap <silent> \g :grep <cword><CR>:cwindow<CR>
nnoremap <silent> \G :!glimpseindex -F -H $HOME/indexdir -b ${PWD}<CR>

You must:

1. Have glimpse installed on your system. (see

2. Precompile an index with glimpseindex. The mapping above lets glimpseindex decide which files to scan and puts the index in $HOME/indexdir. You can change that if you like.

3. Grep away using the mapping above or, alternatively:

:grep pattern

Searches are blinding fast with even large projects. By using the grepprg option, you get the benefit of using the quickfix window to browse through your search results.

[edit] Comments

I'm using this to use :Glimpse in parallel with :grep

set gfm+=%f:\ %l:\ %m
com -nargs=* Glimpse let s:oldgrep = &grepprg | set grepprg=glimpse | grep <args> | let &grepprg = s:oldgrep

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