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created June 14, 2001 · complexity basic · author Flemming Madsen · version 6.0

The following function will make a :cwindow window with a line per function in the current C source file. NOTE: It writes the file as a side effect.

Invoke with ':call ShowFunc()'

You may want to do :nmap <somekey> :call ShowFunc()<CR>

function! ShowFunc()
  let gf_s = &grepformat
  let gp_s = &grepprg
  let &grepformat = '%*\k%*\sfunction%*\s%l%*\s%f %*\s%m'
  let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --c-types=f --sort=no -o -'
  silent! grep %
  let &grepformat = gf_s
  let &grepprg = gp_s


Some enhancements courtesy of Bill McCarthy:

> let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --c-types=f --sort=no -o -'
or just: let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --c-types=f --sort=no'
since the '-o -' is redundant with '-x'.
> write
or better yet: update
which will not change the filedate on a file that hasn't changed.

I'd suggest that the call to write or update (as noted in the note above) be changed to:

if (&readonly == 0) | update | endif

so that you don't get an error message when attempting this on a read only file.

For some reason this fails in vim6.0au under unix with file names longer than about 14 characters. however, if you change

let &grepformat = '%*\k%*\sfunction%*\s%l%*\s%f %*\s%m'


let &grepformat = '%*\k%*\sfunction%*\s%l%*\s%f %m'

then it works fine regardless of file name length.

running on a terminal, if there are a lot of functions in a file then the screen tends to get messed up, which can be fixed by insering a call to redraw after the cwindow call, so you get:

silent! grep %
let &grepformat = gf_s

Ok, couple of small bugs and mistakes fixed. Try this version:

function! ShowFunc(sort)
let gf_s = &grepformat
let gp_s = &grepprg
if ( &filetype == "c" || &filetype == "php" || &filetype == "python" ||
  \ &filetype == "sh" )
  let &grepformat='%*\k%*\sfunction%*\s%l%*\s%f %m'
  let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --'.&filetype.'-types=f --sort='.a:sort
elseif ( &filetype == "perl" )
  let &grepformat='%*\k%*\ssubroutine%*\s%l%*\s%f %m'
  let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --perl-types=s --sort='.a:sort
elseif ( &filetype == "vim" )
  let &grepformat='%*\k%*\sfunction%*\s%l%*\s%f %m'
  let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --vim-types=f --language-force=vim --sort='.a:sort
if (&readonly == 0) | update | endif
silent! grep %
cwindow 10
let &grepformat = gf_s
let &grepprg = gp_s

I map this function to F3 to produce a list in the order the functions appear in the file or Shift-F3 to list them in alphabetical order.

noremap <F3> <Esc>:call ShowFunc("no")<CR><Esc>
noremap <S-F3> <Esc>:call ShowFunc("yes")<CR><Esc>

And last be sure you have Exuberant CTags installed or it won't work.

Try this for Java:

elseif ( &filetype == "java" )
let &grepformat='%*\k%*\sclass%*\s%l%*\s%f %m'
let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --java-types=c --sort='.a:sort

If this produces blank results, then you can try changing the last line to:

let &grepprg = 'ctags -x --java-types=c --language-force=java --sort='.a:sort

I increased the number of file types supported to 19.

You can now search for 1. Classes - Java 2. Functions - Awk, C, C++, Fortran, Lisp, Pascal, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell Scripts, Scheme, Slang, and Vim 3. Macros - Makefiles 4. Procedures - Expect, and Tcl 5. Subroutines - Perl and Rexx

C, Shell Scripts, Vim, Expect, Tcl and Perl are well tested. The rest work on the few tests that I have given them. Let me know of any bugs and I'll work them out.

Additionally, I changed it so that it opens a dynamically sized cwindow based on the height of the window it was called from and/or the number of links in the results. An empty search returns a cwindow a single line tall.

Last, I packaged this function as script#397 to make it easier to install, and to get it out of my vimrc file.

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