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As a reminder to myself or other administrators, I might put information on various administrative procedures here. Feel free to fix problems or add more.

History mergeEdit

An administrator can merge page OldTitle to page NewTitle (OldTitle may currently be newer than NewTitle; these names reflect the fact that when finished, all current information will be in NewTitle – it will be the new page).

If you intend to rename NewTitle, do that first.

The result of the following will be:

  • OldTitle is replaced with a redirect to NewTitle.
  • NewTitle contains the edit history of OldTitle and NewTitle.

The following example assumes a merge from a proposed new tip to some other tip; the "2009XX" represents the year/month of the discussion page, for example "200903" for Vim Tips Wiki:New tips/200903.

Merging OldTitle to NewTitle:

  • Save a local file containing wikitext of what you want the final page to contain (that is, manually merge OldTitle to NewTitle, but do not save).
  • Move OldTitle to NewTitle with summary "merge as agreed at 2009XX".
  • At prompt, choose to delete existing NewTitle.
  • View history of NewTitle, and choose to restore deleted versions with summary "history merge".
  • Edit NewTitle to merge old/new text with summary "merge in tip from 2009XX by AUTHOR-of-OldTitle and reword".

Recent changes will show (oldest at bottom):

NewTitle       . . (merge in tip from 2009XX by AUTHOR-of-OldTitle and reword)
(Deletion log) . . restored NewTitle (N revisions restored: history merge)
(Move log)     . . moved OldTitle to NewTitle (merge as agreed at 2009XX)
(Deletion log) . . deleted NewTitle (Deleted to make way for move)

If you check the history of NewTitle, you may not see the results of the merge due to caching. Pressing Ctrl-F5 to reload the history works in Firefox.

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