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After the import of tips from, many tips had unhelpful titles. While titles are not the most important part of the wiki, it is irritating to work on a tip when its title is obviously broken. Therefore, a project to rename hundreds of tips was undertaken.

Please see these pages which are generated by a script:

If you have any comments, please post them to the Vim-l mailing list. If you're not ready to join the mailing list, you could comment on my talk page.

There are many doubtful titles in titles that do not need to be changed, but I thought they were good enough at this stage. I left some fairly bad titles for tips that I think should be merged or deleted.

See the following policy for a rough set of guidelines used while devising the titles to be changed.

Policy for proposing new titlesEdit

  • Try to remove all punctuation.
  • Remove "How to" and other noise words.
  • Remove references to Vim (we assume tip is about Vim).
  • Remove "best", "good" etc (judge tip on its merits, not title).
  • Try to maintain consistent tense ("Change ..." rather than "Changing...").
  • Change 'vim' to 'Vim' (but use 'gvim' - sorry about the inconsistency).
  • Usually make all words lowercase, except proper names.
  • Use "Windows" (not "windows") if referring to Win32.
  • Try to identify the point of the tip.
  • Some titles refer to what we hope the tip will become, rather than what is currently achieved.
  • Remove some version numbers from titles (we hope to update tip so it works with current version of whatever utility the tip refers to).

Rules for page titlesEdit

See the title guidelines. Characters in a title:

Impossible:       # < > [ ] | { }
Strongly avoid:   ? _ : %
OK:               - +
Avoid:            All other punctuation

Avoid punctuation to give clean URLs (so ',' does not appear as '%2C', etc). Punctuation is ok, but where reasonable, omit it.

Originally (October 2007), we could not use "C++" in a title, so the C++ tips used the term "Cpp". Now (April 2008), the wiki software accepts "C++" and the tips have been renamed to use that term.

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