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Unchanged titles - IntroductionEdit

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651 tips with titles that do not need to be changedEdit

1 The super star
2 Easy edit of files in the same directory
4 Any word completion
5 Quickly searching for a word
6 Using the % key
7 Jumping to the start and end of a code block
8 Jumping to the declaration of a local/global variable
9 Displaying a variable/macro definition
12 Converting tabs to spaces
13 Incremental search
15 Displaying status line always
16 Avoiding the "Hit ENTER to continue" prompts
18 Cleanup your HTML
23 Vim xterm title
24 Changing the default syntax highlighting
30 Increasing or decreasing numbers
31 Search and replace
33 Toggle off the line-number when enter on-line help
34 Control the position of the new window
36 Using Gnu-info help in vim
39 Undo and Redo
40 Insert a file
41 Command-history facilities for Oracle/sqlplus user
42 Using marks
43 Using abbreviations
45 Using command-line history
46 Win32 binaries with perl, python, and tcl
47 Swapping characters, words and lines
48 Moving around
49 Switching case of characters
50 Recovering files
52 Scrolling synchronously
53 Better colors for syntax highlighting
55 Previous buffer
58 How to avoid obliterating window layout
63 Applying substitutes to a visual block
67 Showing the ASCII value of the current character
68 Delete key
69 Dot makes life easier
70 Running a command on all buffers
71 Transfer text between two gvim sessions using clipboard
72 Remove unwanted empty lines
73 Using vim as calculator
74 Using Vim as an outline processor
75 Remap CAPSLOCK key in Windows 2000 Professional and NT4.0
76 Folding for Quickfix
77 Displaying search results using folds
78 Rotating mail signatures
80 Restore cursor to file position in previous editing session
82 Letting variable values be overwritten in a script
85 How to mimic the vim 6.0 plugin feature with older versions
86 Helps undo 1 line when entered many
87 Get vim 5.x window in vim 6.x
90 Encryption
91 Dictionary completions
102 Smart mapping for tab completion
103 Move to next/previous line with same indentation
105 Combining move and scroll
107 Convert enum to string table
108 Toggle a fold with a single keystroke
109 Jump between files
111 Printing with syntax highlighting independent of your normal highlighting
112 Back and forth between indented lines again
119 Explorer startup and shutdown
121 Using vim as a syntax-highlighting pager
124 Number a group of lines
127 Preview HTML files quickly
129 Removing automatic comment leaders
130 Disabling default ftplugins
131 Scroll alternate window
132 Window zooming convenience
133 Windo and Bufdo
134 View Source in IE6 using VIM
135 Vim buffer FAQ
136 Remapping Alt, Ctrl and Caps in Win2k
137 Automatically wrap left and right
138 Getting name of the function
141 Add your function heading with a keystroke
143 Use of Vim folds for javadocs
146 Opening multiple files from a single command-line
147 How to write a plugin
148 Make great use of those homemade menus
150 Generating a column of increasing numbers
151 An ascii table
153 Making Parenthesis And Brackets Handling Easier
154 Mappings to facilitate the creation of text
155 Decompile Java .class files automatically
156 Describe a SQL table from Vim
159 Keystroke Saving Substituting and Searching
161 Dutch spelling checker
162 Write plugin with explorer like interfaces
164 Make non-ASCII characters displayed on console
165 Deleting a buffer without closing the window
166 Mapping caps lock to esc in XWindows
167 Using vim as a man-page viewer under Unix
168 Viewing the actual XPM data in GVIM
170 Repeating a sequence of commands without defining a macro
172 Using Ispell on a highlighted region
174 Footnotes
176 Autocheckout from perforce
179 Simplify help buffer navigation
180 Reload your filetype/syntax plugin
181 Get the vim patched source
182 Keep your cursor centered vertically on the screen
183 Select a buffer from those matching a pattern
184 How to obscure text instantaneously
185 Make vim the editor for files with unregistered extensions in Windows
187 Making search powerful
191 Transposing
192 Latex Help for VIM
194 Inserting text in multiple lines
195 Switching between files
196 FileName Completion in Shell Scripts
197 Open file in already running vim from elsewhere
198 Pasting code with syntax coloring in emails
199 Maximize window and return to previous split structure
201 The meaning of life
202 Debugging window autocommands
203 Make make more helpful
206 Highlight doubled word errors in text
207 Editing databases with Vim/Perl/DBI
208 Alter the display of buffers in the buffers menu
209 Backtracking your movements in a file
210 Compiling the actual file with gcc
211 Rotate color themes
212 Setting file attributes without reloading a buffer
214 Current buffer based menus
215 Edit configuration files for a filetype
216 Calculate equations from within vim
222 Building vim with color on HP-UX
224 Shifting blocks visually
225 Vim can interact with xdvi
226 Edit file under cursor after a horizontal split
227 Power of g
228 Deleting nested reply threads in emails
229 First thing to try before asking help
230 Copy current file to another location from within vim
231 Localized color schemes
232 Search JDK help for keyword at cursor
233 Some tips for using Vim to write Lisp code
236 Menu for inserting special characters
238 Very basic session persistence
243 Develop vim modules on Win
246 Working with Unicode
247 Preexisting code indentation
250 One big window
251 Align endif with corresponding if or ifdef directive
252 Python script to align statements
255 Arbitrary tags for file names
256 Opening current Vim file in your Windows browser
263 Color active line
265 Fast help in full window
267 Selectively displaying abbreviations
268 Get cursor position as byte percentage instead of line percentage
270 Insert a single character
271 Easy (un)commenting out of source code
275 Some useful mappings for TeX
277 Function signature previewer
278 All the right moves
280 Integration with PyUnit testing framework
281 Stateful zz
282 Folding with Regular Expression
283 Turn on syntax coloring in Mac OS X
287 Cool trick to change numbers
293 Remember where you had ended reading help
295 Line/word/file/whatever completion
296 Attach the currently open file to email
298 Changing case with regular expressions
302 Use gvim in kmail
304 Fold braces and javadoc
305 Best Vim Tips
306 Open a web-browser with the URL in the current line
307 Annoying "Hit any key to close this window..."
309 Close vim you left open remotely
311 Open the folder containing the currently open file
313 Printing using kprinter
315 Smart home
317 Mozilla Vim Keybindings
322 Text template with placeholders
323 Using folders with latex
324 Search and replace in files named NAME
325 Errorformat for java/ant/junit/cygwin/bash
327 Key mappings
328 Vim in Microsoft Visual Foxpro
330 How to stop auto indenting
332 Make footnotes in vim
333 Syntax-based folding
337 Editing remote files via scp in vim
338 Vim and cscope and cygwin
339 Tabbed windows
341 Switch color schemes
342 Remap the Escape key
343 Faster loading of large files
346 Wrap text in HTML/XML tags after prompting for the tag name
347 Format paragraph without changing the cursor position
348 Quickly insert a single word
349 Format your xml document using xmllint
351 Using quickfix in a different way
352 Disabling cabbrev
353 Swap caps-lock and control keys using MS Windows Registry
355 Comment Lines according to a given filetype
356 Quick yank and paste
357 Adding a console to gdbvim
364 Automatic file type detection with fully qualified ClearCase names
365 Vim Book Online
366 Really basic RCS interaction from within vim
368 Use gvim in VS.Net
369 Comment/UnComment visually selected text
373 Run find/replace/search on multiple files and subdirectories
377 Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard Scancodes
378 Auto insert Java class template when editing a new Java file
380 Using gvim as frontend for dbx
381 Running the win32-version of Vim from cygwin
382 Search and replace in all open buffers
384 Easily switch between source and header file
386 Cut/copy and paste using visual selection
390 Combining vimdiff with cvs diff
391 Simple programmers TODO list using grep and quickfix
395 Visual marks
396 Highlighting whitespaces at end of line
398 Mapping for quicker access to macros
399 Fold away empty lines
401 A mapping for easy switching between buffers
404 Tags for Mixed Assembly and C
405 ShowBlockName one-liner equivalent for one coding style
406 Alternate delimiters for the replace command
410 Allow Inform header files to be distinguished from C headers
411 How to initialize plugins
412 Easy menu-style switch between files with a simple map
415 Easy way to edit two files using split window
421 The simplest map to highlight the current line
422 A Quick Reference
423 Finding more available keys to map
424 Copy, cut, and paste macros that also work in old vi
425 Forcing Syntax Coloring for files with odd extensions
428 Wordwise Ctrl-Y in insert mode
430 Fast switching between buffers
431 Change between backslash and forward slash
432 Putting the current file on the Windows clipboard
433 A rough mapping to spellcheck the buffer
437 Extending keywords
438 Search and replace in a visual selection
440 Automatic formatting of paragraphs
442 Show all lines that contain keyword under cursor
443 A better interfacing of (La)TeX with the quickfix mode
445 Formatting stuff
446 Quick and dirty Postgres query
450 Working with multiple sessions
451 KDE Konsole renameSession to edited file name
453 Use Taglist with LaTeX files
455 Map a function key to toggle line wrapping
457 Follow tag in new window
459 Use Ctrl-O instead of Esc in insert mode mappings
465 Generic xml imap to make an element of any word you type
466 Insert one character only
467 Vim windows displaying output inside vim window
468 Display date-and-time on status line
469 Replace the file name extension
472 Handy option flag toggler
473 Compiler for perl
474 Have . restore the cursor position a la emacs in viper mode
475 Wrap visual selection with fold markers
478 Copy the search results into clipboard
480 Editing files on an ftp server listening on a non-standard port
481 Abbreviations only on shortcut
483 Search using quickfix to list occurrences
484 Console-like fonts for Windows GVim
487 Jump to a file to a certain line number
489 Section jump in Latex
493 Open the directory for the current file in Windows
494 Maximize or restore window
495 Backspace key using puTTY to RH9 box
497 Replacing a string with default buffer contents
502 View character class
503 PuTTY numeric keypad mappings
506 Open Windows Help files on a specific topic
507 Quick window resizing
515 See filenames of all scripts that vim loaded or tried to load
516 Find two words in either order
518 Errorformat for icc7
519 Folding like in Visual Basic .NET
520 Searching for Identifiers
522 Fix an autoindent error
523 Folding functions with the prototype included
524 Evaluate an expression in any mode
525 JavaBeans helper function
529 Make Shift-Tab work
534 For verilog users only
535 Working with only one term/console?
541 How to get help using VIM
542 Edit remote files locally via SCP/RCP/FTP
545 Vim goes Greek - Greek language support for Vim 6.1
546 Vim goes INTL - Translating Messages, Menus, Encodings
547 Smarter Table Editing
548 Using H and L keys as context sensitive pagedown/pageup
552 Replace buffer list when switching
553 Prev and Next
554 Smarter Table Editing II
555 Vim as bookmark manager
556 Access Python Help
557 Opening several files in vim via ListFile
558 Using TagList for ANT build files
560 Generate calendar file
561 Context Sensitive h and l
562 Modeline sets vimrc options on a per file basis
566 Autocomplete with TAB when typing words
567 Edit a temporary copy of the current file
573 Repeating a substitute from current cursor position
574 Delete/move matching paragraphs/lines
577 Access using Newsgroup Reader
578 Specify Range with search patterns
581 Using vim to view source and edit textarea in mozilla/firebird
583 Vim as XML Editor
584 Awesome text formatter
585 Keymap for normal mode
587 Preview current file in Mozilla through localhost
588 How to sort using visual blocks
589 Vim as a refactoring tool and some examples in C sharp
591 Have a nice and easy use of plugins
593 Basic postfix abbreviations
595 Suppressing file changed warnings in a specific buffer
596 Insert location of the currently edited file
597 Indent a code block
598 PHP online help
599 Vim plugin for clearcase
600 Copy current file name into windows clipboard
602 How to remove one mark or all marks at once
603 Bookmarks as menu item
604 Insert in normal mode
605 Replace a word with the yanked text
607 Opening gvim atop a console window
611 Open big files and work fast
612 Save a nanosecond with marks
614 Perldoc function and module keyboard mappings
615 Moving to the next word in insert mode
616 Have Vim check automatically if the file has changed externally
617 Fun with case twiddling
618 How to make and submit a patch
620 Getting to know the function prototypes
621 Vim as a syntax highlighting engine for web publishing
622 Deleting a buffer without changing your window layout
626 Open vimrc file
630 Automatically append closing characters
631 Disabling IME input in Windows
632 Setting the font in the GUI
633 Spell check of word below cursor
635 Getting colors to work on solaris
636 Adding Vim to MS-Windows File Explorer Menu
638 Editing ActiveState Perl batch files
641 Highlighting of method names in the definition
643 Disable built-in command
646 Moving lines up/down in a file
647 Single letter insert
648 Uniq - Removing duplicate lines
649 Expand existing abbreviation
650 Abbreviation that prompts whether to expand it or not
652 Save all open buffers at once
659 Collect filenames of current subtree
660 Comment lines in different filetypes
662 Quote unquoted HTML attributes
663 Annoyed that some stuff is reset during GUI init?
667 Navigate large CSV files more easily
668 Re-indenting sections
669 Nice window resizing
675 How to turn off all colors
677 Quick way to insert opening and closing braces for programmers
679 Findlast occurrence of an item
687 Mac OS X clipboard sharing
690 Reloading a file using a different encoding
692 Runtime syntax check for php
693 One page summary of color schemes
695 Naviguer dans l'aide avec un clavier AZERTY
696 Make mouse drag not select text or go into visual mode
698 Mbox archive emails
699 Enable servername capability in vim/xterm
700 Indenting for Java
701 Simple code beautifier
706 Make html auto-readable in vim
708 Converting LANG to UTF-8
715 Ignore whitespace in diff operations
721 Auto remove white space when saving
724 Add a dashed line under a title in text documents
725 Quick mapping for backing up the file
726 A simple "boss key" mapping or panic button
736 Non-native fileformat for your statusline
737 Fine tuning syntax colors
739 Writing a valid statusline
742 Change filetype based on directory path
746 Change cursor color in different modes
747 Easily keep runtime files up to date
749 Uuencode and uudecode text in Vim
751 Go to line
752 Make C-Left C-Right behave as in Windows
754 Highlighting source between matching curly braces
755 Using an expression in substitute command
757 Sample switch between number/nonumber
758 Search and sort by selection
759 Selecting your pasted text
765 Complete from filetype syntax file
767 Multiple commands at once
768 Add/change file extension in current buffer
770 Toggle normal-insert modes without Escape
771 Paste from the clipboard into a new vim
773 Make vim and gvim have the same colors
774 Gtk gvim and fontconfig
775 Remapping Caps to Shift
776 Deadkeys / Accented Characters and Mutt integration
777 More words searching
779 OEM to ANSI conversion
782 Jump to definition of entity under cursor
783 Use the return key to get out of insert mode
784 Word under cursor for command
789 Automatically redate file headers
792 Preloading registers
794 Scripting - Indirectly Referencing Variables
796 Search only over a visual range
799 Searching for files
800 Sorting lines in a file based on the number of words in each line
803 Saving a file
806 Always keep quickfix window at specified height
811 Highlight whitespace errors in files
813 Reverse all the lines in a file
814 Use cygwin shell
821 Simplest buffer explorer ever
827 XTerm and 256 Colors
830 Using netbeans 4 and vim for java
831 Regexp to strip redundant zeroes in decimal fractions
832 Remembering previous deletes/yanks
840 Show tags in a separate preview window
841 Vim reference card of common commands
844 Simple Macros to quote and unquote a word
845 Getting color to work in SecureCRT
848 Installing several releases in parallel, even with matchit
849 Shortcuts to compile/run default file and alternate file in Java
850 Automatic word wrapping
852 Make support for NEC V850 CA850 compilers
857 Syntax highlighting
860 Count number of matches of a pattern
862 How to toggle between all vertical and all horizontal window layout
869 Opening new buffer below the current
870 Resize terminal window to original size when quitting vim
871 Changing word
872 Finding phone numbers
877 Replace all commas with new lines
878 Remove trailing spaces
880 Shebang line automatically generated
882 Learn to use help
883 Automatically maximizing gvim in KDE
885 Switching between different statuslines
889 Nicer looking fonts on MacOSX
890 Insert current date and time
894 Regex-based text alignment
895 Maps, Commands, and Functions - some examples of their interplay
896 Lookup the city and state of a given US Zip code using TCL
897 Some tips on saving the document
899 Capitalize words and regions easily
904 Convenience wrapper for setline
906 Toggle auto-indenting for code paste
908 Move cursor up/down virtually in insert mode
911 How to make fileencoding work in the modeline
912 Smart abbreviation
918 Yet another increasing number utility
919 Moving by screen lines instead of file lines
920 Quick generic option toggling
925 Not So Quick generic option toggling
926 QT Help from Vim
928 Command-line window
929 Finding your way around in an installshield project XML file
930 Convert selected text to HTML
934 Vim-sessions under Windows
935 Highlight space errors
936 Quick insert character at end-of-line
940 Easily add folds in code
941 Adding MPI and PVM syntax highlighting
944 Send buffer to interpreter in a new xterm
947 Comprehensive Vim Quick Reference Card
950 Search multiple buffers for next match
951 Vim Tutorials
952 Refresh screen while typing a command
956 Text-object for quoted strings
960 Copy an Entire Buffer to the Clipboard
961 Search through files
962 Incremental backup in central backup directory
963 Highlight tabs which do not appear at the beginning of lines
964 GNU/Linux clipboard copy/paste with xclip
967 Fast access to the first nine buffers
971 Substitute with incrementing numbers
974 Integrate gvim with RedHat Source-Navigator
975 Su-write
977 Quickly align whole file
979 Map search key to space bar
981 Commenting out a range of lines
985 Quickly Get Files in your Environment
987 Easy floating point arithmetic
988 Surround selection with text
989 Word wrap without line breaks
991 Make views automatic
992 Very simple shortcut to the helpgrep command
994 Manipulate quoted strings
999 Maximize current window
1000 Change gui font
1003 Open files with existing Gvim window in Windows
1004 Optionally open matching or selected tag in full height vertical window
1005 Escape and unescape HTML entities
1007 Disable F1 built-in help key
1012 Quoted Printable to Plain
1014 Visual selection of indent block
1015 Preview file on localhost
1016 Moving through camel case words
1017 Highlight text inside matching parentheses
1018 Look up tags using regular expressions
1019 Keep indent for new lines
1020 Auto end-quote html/xml attribute values as you type in insert mode
1022 Using folds like grep
1024 Put text to register while typing
1026 Resize xterm when running vimdiff
1031 Vim inside Java
1033 Toggling yes-no
1035 View NFO-files correctly
1038 Search for selected text
1041 Snippets for JavaScript, HTML and Python
1042 Use maven with quickfix
1045 Great wildmode/wildmenu and console mouse
1046 Whitespace hungry backspace/delete
1048 Add classname based on filename while in input mode
1052 Autoselect the right compiler using the filetype
1053 Lookup word in dict
1054 Modified undo behavior
1055 Faster directory browsing from command line
1058 Selecting changes in diff mode
1065 Mighty Mouse
1066 Quickly adding and deleting empty lines
1067 C like comment for PHP
1071 Simple placeholders
1074 Detect encoding from the charset specified in HTML files
1075 Beauty of gf - it can take a count
1084 Setting Clearcase View as the title of the gvim window
1088 Find and edit any file in a directory using tag-like pattern matching
1101 Xml-plugin changes matchit behavior
1108 Replace selected shell command with full path when editing scripts
1110 Toggle gvim window size
1117 Use tab instead of escape
1118 Repeating an ex command on multiple blocks
1124 Turn off per-filetype auto indentation
1126 Automatically set screen title
1127 Fast one session mapping
1132 Easy block selection with mouse
1148 Unique sorting
1151 Search visually
1152 Improved version of Highlight Matching Paren
1153 Apply range to any command that does not accept ranges
1156 View Source from Internet Explorer in gvim
1159 Prevent frequent commands from slowing things down
1162 Add closing brace automatically on code blocks
1167 Prevent escape from moving the cursor one character to the left
1171 Introduce variable
1173 Spelling suggestions anywhere, even in console mode
1174 Syntax highlighting for LJ and html-enabled web forums
1185 Change to directory of the opened file
1190 Source searching for programmers
1192 Delete everything but the first n fields in a CSV
1193 Syntax highlighting for HTML with embedded Javascript
1195 Reload the same file in different encoding
1196 Replace text to register content with visual selection help
1199 Unconditional linewise or characterwise paste
1202 Go away and come back
1213 Better indent support for php with html
1214 Recursive vimgrep
1215 Resize splits more quickly
1217 Get a shell command for changing to the current directory
1218 Quick peak at files
1221 Alternative tab navigation
1223 Move current buffer to a new tab
1225 Open files in multiple tabs using the Windows Context Menu
1233 Move the current tabpage forward or backward
1234 Find files in subdirectories
1238 Make buffer modifiable state match file readonly state
1242 Move through the buffer list without wrecking your window/tab layout
1245 Correcting accented characters
1246 VIM at Wikibooks
1257 Ctrl-p - autocomplete
1260 Edit file in existing vim automatically
1261 Using your vim on different xterms with colors
1262 Git grep
1268 Copy and paste between sessions using a temporary file
1269 Indent text object
1272 Mapping fast keycodes in terminal Vim
1274 Highlight some whitespace characters
1276 Use taglist and tags with VIM 7.0
1282 Open SVN diff window
1284 Fix delete in terminals that send incorrect delete code
1288 Forcing UTF-8 Vim to read Latin1 as Latin1
1289 How to print full screen width messages
1290 Fix broken arrow key navigation in insert mode
1291 Desert color scheme with Vim in PuTTY
1294 Ignore white space in vimdiff
1299 Autocmd to update ctags file
1302 Custom resizing on the spot
1304 Delete a pair of XML/HTML tags
1306 Characterwise paste with auto join
1312 256 colors in vim
1315 Netrw x command
1317 Open a buffer in its own tabpage
1324 Alternative to hitting Esc
1330 Easily open and close folds
1332 Using remote editing with knetattach
1333 Have focus on left tab after tabclose
1334 Use ijkl to move the cursor and h to insert
1335 Running normal mode commands from the command line
1336 Open Windows Explorer showing directory of current buffer
1338 See man pages by gview
1341 Power K
1347 Quick tab navigation and opening
1349 Calculator Editing
1354 Online documentation for word under cursor
1356 Viewing PDF files in VIM
1362 Mlcscope
1363 Capture all keys
1366 Pretty-formatting XML
1368 Beautify Ruby code
1369 Preserve missing end-of-line at end of text files
1373 Get shortened messages from using echomsg
1376 Folding of vimscript functions
1377 Context sensitive access to MSDN help
1378 Change colors when switching to other directory
1379 Make echo seen when it would otherwise disappear and go unseen
1385 Disable the "Hit any key to close this window" message in remote editing
1386 Make Vim completion popup menu work just like in an IDE
1388 Vim and ocaml interpreter
1391 Enable paren matching over whole file
1392 Shell script to use grep with gvim
1413 Make tar of all files in vim buffer
1432 File search similar to cmd-t in TextMate
1435 Use recording to easily add function skeletons from prototypes
1436 Wrap function calls in a print statement
1438 Using parameterized snippet inserts
1439 Using vim as an IDE all in one
1443 Quick switch buffers in one window
1455 Jumps to a local/global definition by same key
1456 Cache user-preferred option values for later reset
1463 Copy multiple lines/words to a specified position
1469 Ctrl-N completion for XML/XSLT attributes
1470 Status line to display more information
1484 When jumping on a tag, automatically split the window if the current buffer has been modified
1486 Change the pink omnicomplete popup to a readable color
1490 Bookmark files
1491 Call TortoiseSVN commands from within Vim
1499 Jump back to spell checked words
1501 Substitute last search
1504 External commands on Windows

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