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Titles that have been changed - Introduction

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  • First line is the original title of the tip.
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578 tips with titles that have been changed

3 Use vim to quickly compile java files
3 Compile Java with Jikes

10 Jumping to previosuly visited locations in a file
10 Jumping to previously visited locations

11 Completing words quicky in insert mode
11 Completing words quickly in insert mode

14 Highlighting all the search pattern matches
14 Highlight all search pattern matches

17 Erasing previosuly entered characters in insert mode
17 Erasing previously entered characters in insert mode

19 Line numbers...
19 Display line numbers

20 Are *.swp and *~ files littering your working directory?
20 Remove swap and backup files from your working directory

21 Easy pasting to windows apps
21 Easy pasting to Windows applications

22 Handle common typos for
22 Handle common command typos

25 Color highlighting on telnet (esp w/ SecureCRT)
25 Color highlighting on telnet

26 Getting rid of ^M - mixing dos and unix
26 Change end-of-line format for dos-mac-unix

27 Convert hex to dec I
27 Convert hex to decimal

28 Add a line-number to every line without cat or awk alike utilities.
28 Insert line numbers

29 Reverse all the line with only 7 keystroke in vim
29 Reverse all lines

32 Write your own vim function(scripts)
32 Write your own Vim function

35 For programmer: translate // style comment to /* */and vice vesa
35 Translate between single line and block comments

37 The basic operation about vim-boolean optionals
37 Managing boolean options

38 Cursor one line at a time when
38 Move cursor by display lines when wrapping

44 Repeat last changes
44 Repeat last change

51 Entering german umlauts
51 Entering German umlauts

54 View a Java Class File Decompiled thru Vim
54 View a Java Class File using a decompiler

64 Always set your working directory to the file you're editing
64 Set working directory to the current file

65 Insert line number into the actuall text of the file.
65 Insert line numbers

66 Transfer text between two Vim 'sessions',
66 Transfer text between two Vim instances

79 How to use :grep to get a clickable list of function names
79 Use grep to get a clickable list of function names

81 Substitution of characters and lines in VIM is made far easier with the s and S commands
81 Substitute characters and lines easily

83 How to indent (useful for source code)
83 Indenting source code

84 Changing the behaviour of . to include visual mode
84 Repeat command on each line in visual block

88 How to maximize vim on entry (win32)
88 Start gvim maximized

89 Get more screen real estate by hidding toolbar and/or menus
89 Hide toolbar or menus to see more text

92 Reducing 'doc' directory size
92 Compress Vim doc files to save space

94 Questions & Answers about using tags with Vim
94 Browsing programs with tags

95 How do I pipe the output from ex commands into the text buffer?
95 Capture ex command output

96 Cooperation of Gvim and AutoCad OPENBRACKET MTEXT CLOSEBRACKET
96 Integrate gvim with AutoCad MTEXT

97 How do I add a current time string inside Vim?
97 Insert current date or time

99 How to tell what syntax highlighting group *that* is!
99 Identify the syntax highlighting group used at the cursor

100 Jump to tag (e.g. help topic) with German keyboard (PC)
100 Jump to tag (help topic) with German keyboard

104 Using vim to complement Perl's DBI::Shell
104 Capture SQL query output

106 Mail signature rotation: Supersimple one-line solution
106 Insert mail signatures from a rotating file

113 Translator in vim (Windows solution)
113 Integrate Vim with a dictionary

116 Search all occurances of the word under cursor in all the open files
116 Search all occurrences of current word in all open files

117 Search all files in project quickly

118 Configuring gVim as Internet Explorer 'View Source' editor
118 Use gvim to view page source in Internet Explorer

120 Compiling Java with Sun JDK (javac) within VIM
120 Compile Java with Sun JDK javac

122 Skip blank lines when folding text.
122 Skip blank lines when folding text

123 Use functionality similar to the * search on multiple files
123 Search for current word in multiple files

125 Auto commenting for " CLOSECURL "
125 Comment your code blocks automatically

126 How do I get rid of that bold stuff with my xterm?
126 Syntax highlighting in xterm

128 Grep, diff, patch, idutils, etc. for Windows systems
128 Use Unix command-line tools in Windows

139 Alignment: =, LaTeX tables, declarations, etc
139 Align text plugin

140 Tip using embedded perl interpreter
140 Using embedded Perl interpreter

144 Recording keystrokes by "q" for repested jobs
144 Recording keys for repeated jobs

149 Automatically update your diff upon writing.
149 Update the diff view automatically

152 Spelling checkers for: Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, and Yiddish
152 Check spelling for different languages

158 Using Computer Modern TT as gvim font (Win32)
158 Using Computer Modern TT as a gvim font under Windows

171 Do you know the "g/" and "g?" commands?
171 Search for visually selected text

173 Switch between splits very fast (for multi-file editing)
173 Switch between Vim window splits easily

175 How to make VIM as ur default editor even without root ac.
175 Set Vim as your default editor for Unix

177 Highlight matching brackets as one moves in normal mode (plugin)
177 Highlight matching brackets

178 Making a "derived" colorscheme without copy & paste
178 Create a color scheme based on another

188 Searching for more than one word at the same time.
188 Search for several words at the same time

189 Make Ctrl-Backspace delete previous word (like GTK inputs)
189 Map Ctrl-Backspace to delete previous word

193 Insert the current filename at cursor postion.
193 Insert current filename

200 Bouncing Parentheses (during insertion)
200 Bouncing parentheses during insertion

204 Some mappings for using cscope with vim.
204 Mappings to use cscope with Vim

205 Computing a sum of numbers in vim
205 Sum numbers

213 Delet all lines containt TXT
213 Delete all lines containing a pattern

217 Translate & HASH nnn; in html source to readable ascii
217 Translate HTML entity numbers to text

218 Check for comments, independent of the filetype
218 Check for comments independent of filetype

219 Make from command line, open vim on errors
219 Run make from command line and open Vim on errors

220 Regexp: Match every word except 'foo'
220 Match every word except foo

221 Indenting "throws" in java
221 Indenting Java throw statements

223 Reverse Selected Text
223 Reverse selected text

234 Vi(M) Command Line tips & tricks
234 Command line tricks

235 Toggle highlight word under cursor, to find cursor.
235 Highlight current word to find cursor

237 If you prefer vertical splits
237 Using vertical splits

239 Scroll using arrow keys like browser: map shift-up and shift-down
239 Scroll using arrow keys like in a web browser

240 Hideall for Vim
240 Hide all functions in your code

241 "Hide" Folding Markers
241 Hide fold markers

242 The power of "\ " in reg-ex
242 Search across multiple lines

244 Ask vim where an option was set.
244 Show where an option was set

248 Auto-save the current buffer periodically.
248 Auto-save current buffer periodically

249 Quickly insert HASH if 0 - HASH endif around block of code
249 Insert if/endif around block of code

253 The power of PIPE (v75 PIPE r- actually...)
253 Specify a column with bar

254 Using \% OPENBRACKET CLOSEBRACKET to easily match parts of a word.
254 Matching optional parts of a word

257 Fast page up/down.
257 Fast page up/down

258 How long is the current word?
258 Show the length of the current word

259 Removing the toolbar (icons) from gvim
259 Hide toolbar

261 Close windows from Gvim poup menu
261 Close windows from gvim popup menu

262 Bored of ur arrow shapped mouseptr?
262 Change the gvim mouse arrow cursor

264 F5 Compile and Run, F8 Compile (ala Visual Studio)
264 Map function keys to compile and run your code

266 Use -S command line switch
266 Command line switch to source a script

269 Syntax highlighting is "out of sync", seems to correct itself with refresh ??
269 Refresh out-of-sync syntax highlighting

272 Automaticaly formating pasted text (p=` CLOSEBRACKET )
272 Format pasted text automatically

273 Fast fixing of email quotations (too long lines)
273 Fix email quotations with long lines

279 On Windows, make GVim the default action for double-click with "unknown file types"
279 Set Vim as the default editor for unknown file types in Windows

284 Mapping to print syntax highlighted buffer in B&W
284 Print syntax highlighted buffer in one color

285 Don't use the escape key!
285 Avoid the escape key

286 Recover after doing something... ugly.
286 Recover overwritten file

288 A keymapping to generate Java setters and getters automatically
288 Generate Java setters and getters automatically

290 Text Processing With Integrated Spell Checking
290 Use integrated spell checking

291 ^P & auto filling of variables and text
291 Auto complete variable names or words

294 Use Ctrl-S to save current or new files.
294 Map Ctrl-S to save current or new files

297 Start in insert mode without loosing your escape key
297 Start in insert mode without losing your escape key

299 Open file under cursor.
299 Open file under cursor

300 Making a tags file for IDL (Interactive Data Language)
300 Make tags file for IDL

301 Edit files in path, or related.
301 Edit file found by whereis

303 Statusline Tab Level Function Ruler TVIM
303 Statusline tab level ruler

308 Move through wrapped lines.
308 Move through wrapped lines

312 Copy, Cut, and Paste
312 Copy, cut and paste

314 Insert and back...
314 Insert and back

316 Using /pattern/ search in a script
316 Using normal command in a script for searching

318 Extended Bracket and Parenthesis PLUS extras for perl
318 Brackets and parentheses in Perl

319 Text formatting (lining up ='s,('s etc))
319 Simple text alignment

320 Borland pageup/down behavier
320 Page up/down and keep cursor position

321 Centura swap with upper/lower line behavier
321 Swap current line with upper/lower line

326 Help for VIM Help (VIM QuickRef)
326 Quick reference guide and using Vim help

331 Modline magic...
331 Modeline magic

334 Loading scripts in .vimrc safely
334 Loading scripts in vimrc safely

335 Copy C PLUS PLUS function declaration into implementation file
335 Copy Cpp function declaration into implementation file

336 Type the line number and press enter to get there
336 Jump to a line number

340 Visual Select And Search
340 Visual select and search

344 Cut / Copy / Delete / Paste Lines without knowing the number of lines
344 Cut or copy lines without counting the lines

345 Visual Studio PLUS vim Quickfix mode PLUS cygwin PLUS XFree86
345 Quickfix and Visual Studio and cygwin

350 When 'formatoptions' has o easily enter a non commented line: go/gO mappings
350 Insert a non commented line despite formatoptions

354 Find in files - recursively (NOT
354 Find in files recursively

358 Get a random colorscheme on vim startup
358 Set a random color scheme at startup

361 Use xdvi (or kdvi) in conjunction with gvim (or vim) and converse
361 Use xdvi or kdvi with Vim

362 Matchit.vim and coldfusion (and perhaps others)
362 ColdFusion and matchit

363 Starting up Vim very fast expecially from a telnet session
363 Fast start up in a telnet session

367 What is this $VIMRUNTIME ?
367 Understanding VIMRUNTIME

370 Always cd to the current file's directory
370 Change to the directory of the current file

371 Encrypting a file within vim session and not leaving behind traces.
371 Encrypt a file without leaving traces

372 Remove unwanted empty or blank lines for english and chinese
372 Remove blank lines for English and Chinese

374 VIM's Filtering Commands Summary
374 Use filter commands to process text

375 Autocmd for skeleton html file (BufFileNew)
375 Autocmd for skeleton html file

376 A totally useless tip...or is it ?
376 Build Vim with your name included

383 A Map to jump to a subroutine/function from where it is called
383 Jump to a function from where it is called

385 Some java & vim tips
385 Some Java tips

387 A way to quickly prefix a char(or chars) to a parameter list, via
387 Inserting a prefix in a parameter list

388 Insert C PLUS PLUS , LaTeX, and other comments easily
388 Insert Cpp or LaTeX or other comments easily

389 Search only in unfold text(intend to work with diff)
389 Search only in unfolded text

393 PCRE search and replace (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)
393 Perl compatible regular expressions

394 Pop up menu for checking the meaning of the word from internet
394 Internet search for the current word

397 Mapping for better browsing of
397 Mapping to quickly browse help

400 Fast scroll mappings (incl. insert mode)
400 Fast scroll mappings

402 Just using space-bar: jump between splitted windows and open them wide
402 Press space to jump between windows and to expand them

407 PHPdoc: Use JCommenter.vim for php-scripts
407 Automatically generate PHPdoc comments

408 Enhance Calendar (script 52) with special dates
408 Enhance the calendar script with special dates

409 Using selected text as part of a command?
409 Using selected text in a command

413 Drag and Drop file names into VIM's command line
413 Drag and drop file names into the Vim command line

414 Change guifont to see more of your file.
414 Change guifont to see more of your file

416 Fix error "E97: Cannot create diffs" on VIM for Windows
416 Fix error E97 Cannot create diffs under Windows

418 Stop the beeping in gvim.
418 Disable beeping

419 Auto-fold perl subs (and possibly other languages)
419 Auto-fold Perl subs

420 Get rid of annoying menu/tool bar
420 Remove the menu and tool bar

426 Protecting a file you're referencing
426 Protecting a file from accidental changes

427 Fast window resizing with PLUS /- keys
427 Fast window resizing with plus/minus keys

434 Autogroup commands for C/C PLUS PLUS editing - inserting skeletons etc (long post!)
434 Auto commands for C/Cpp editing

436 Accidently typed control-u and lost your input?
436 Recover from accidental Ctrl-U

441 Toggle auto-wrap using txtwidth in INSERT mode
441 Toggle auto-wrap

444 Quickfix show entire contents of multiline error in cwindow on cn, cp and cc
444 Show entire multiline error in quickfix

448 Yank (copy) decimal numbers from hex numbers.
448 Copy the decimal equivalent of a hex number

449 FORTRAN highlighting problems
449 Fortran highlighting problems

452 Unix: Editing multiple files, listed in a file, one per line, from the command-line
452 Edit multiple files from a list of file names

454 Syntax Highlighting Keeps Breaking (and how to fix it!)
454 Fix syntax highlighting so it keeps working

456 Escape select mode in a map command (used to map indent in select mode)
456 Shift indents in visual mode

458 How to use quickfix mode to see all errors in one window (:cwindow).
458 Use the quickfix window to list all errors

460 How to implement vertical lines showing tab groups..
460 See the tabs in your file

461 Open a Perl module based on it's module name
461 Open a Perl module from its module name

462 G's of Vim
462 Go to definition using g

463 XSLT Mappings I use to speed up developing XSLT files.
463 Speed up developing XSLT files

464 Search & replace the word under the cursor
464 Search and replace the word under the cursor

471 Bridging the worlds: putting your rodent to work for vim in xterms
471 Using the mouse for Vim in an xterm

476 Multime errorformat & makeprgs
476 Errorformat and makeprg

477 How to put the indentation level on the status line
477 Put the indentation level on the status line

479 Replace with NO Typing
479 Replace with no typing

482 Use VIM as an organizer of Memos, bookmarks, todo, etc.
482 Keep a to-do memo file with links as in Vim help

485 Open a new window and read in the man page for the word under the cursor
485 Open a window with the man page for the word under the cursor

486 Search for word under cursor, but don't move.
486 Search for current word without moving

488 Vimrc setting for wider vim diff window (gVim)
488 Start with a wide window for diff

490 Paste vim registers in search or colon command-line instead of using the system clipboard
490 Paste registers in search or colon commands instead of using the clipboard

492 Jump to file from
492 Jump to file from CVSDiff output

496 This is the hyperlinked html format of the Vim Reference Manual.
496 Hyperlinked html format of the Vim Reference Manual

498 Completation using the syntax file
498 Completion using a syntax file

505 Email from vim!
505 Email from Vim

509 Commands that don't clobber the search register
509 Execute commands without changing the search register

510 One way to set $VIMRUNTIME within vimrc
510 Set VIMRUNTIME within vimrc

514 Automatic insertion of C/C PLUS PLUS header gates
514 Automatic insertion of C/Cpp header gates

517 Rejustification of *roff style markup.
517 Rejustify roff style markup

526 Enhancing Benji Fisher's word complete.vim script
526 Enhance the word complete.vim script

527 Vim (console/xterm) colors in gvim
527 Use the console colors in gvim

528 Make search results appear in the middle of the screen.
528 Make search results appear in the middle of the screen

530 How do I get the name of the current file
530 Get the name of the current file

531 1-2-3, let's make gvim.exe for free
531 Build Vim in Windows with Cygwin

533 Page 1 of 123 in header of
533 Page 1 of 123 in header of hardcopy

536 Automaticly quit Vim if quickfix window (buffer) is the last
536 Automatically quit Vim if quickfix window is the last

537 Mimicking the shift-arrows (mark block) in terminals that don't understand shift-arrow (e.g. putty)
537 Mimic shift-arrow to select text in terminals without shift-arrow

539 Quick access to vim tips and scripts with konqueror / kde
539 Quick access to Vim tips and scripts with konqueror

543 Vim.po - Internationalizing the Vim editor
543 Internationalizing the Vim editor

550 FreeBSD Fix: Arrow keys/cursor movement prints A B C D letters on remote shell: xterm, vt100.
550 Fix arrow keys that display A B C D on remote shell

551 Automatic indenting XML file in VIM with the help of XSLT
551 Automatically indent an XML file using XSLT

559 Use Vim to Expire your Mail (So that Mutt can delete them later)
559 Use Vim to expire your mail so Mutt will delete them later

563 Useful Occurences under cursor and with prompt
563 List lines with keyword and prompt for jump

564 Mouse wheel for scroll only - disable paste on middle button press.
564 Mouse wheel for scroll only - disable middle button paste

568 Use temporary tags file when browsing new source.
568 Use temporary tags file when browsing new source

569 Insert line numbers or filter thru perl.
569 Insert line numbers with a Perl filter

570 Align badly formatted text region into table.
570 Align text into a table

571 Source ..../vimrc and use ..../tags in an ancestor directory.
571 Source vimrc and use tags in a parent directory

572 Auto highlight word under cursor (when reading new code)
572 Auto highlight current word when idle

575 Chop long lines.
575 Chop long lines

576 One call to generate all unicode "characters" from within vim
576 Generate all Unicode characters

579 Cut&Paste without too much newlines, eg. into WORD
579 Copy paragraphs without excess newlines to MS Word

580 Switching back and forth between ViM and Visual Studio .NET
580 Switching between Vim and Visual Studio

582 Quick way to write to your file.
582 Quick save

586 Smarter Pasting
586 Smarter pasting

590 Using vim to send mail on windows
590 Using Vim to send mail on Windows

601 Tag with line:column
601 Tags that jump to line and column

606 Seeing the man pages while being in VIM
606 View man pages in Vim

608 Evaluate current line (or pease of line) using Python
608 Evaluate current line using Python

609 Execute python from within current file
609 Execute Python from within current file

610 Saves you frequent typings of certain words.
610 Use abbreviations for frequently-used words

613 Open last edited file, AKA lvim for bash
613 Open the last edited file

619 HowTo make a keymap
619 How to make a keymap

623 External Paste Buffer
623 External paste buffer

624 Insert template files into buffer ( HTML editing for example)
624 Insert template files into buffer

625 Typing print statements faster and more ergonomically (esp in C PLUS PLUS )
625 Typing print statements faster

627 Customizing ftplugin, syntax etc. (eg for TeX)
627 Customize ftplugin, syntax and more - example for TeX

628 Execut "things" in Win98 from within VIM
628 Execute commands from buffer text under Windows

634 To view all colours available to gvim
634 View all colors available to gvim

637 Execute accidently inserted commands
637 Execute accidentally inserted commands

639 Comment highlight HASH ifdef DEBUG for code-read ease (C/C PLUS PLUS )
639 Highlight debug blocks in programs

640 See your vim templates in Windows Explorer's New context menu
640 Add Vim to the Windows Explorer context menu

642 Windows: Get K to not display a DOS box that needs closing
642 Use K to easily run a Windows program for the current word

644 Restoring indent for ' HASH '
644 Restoring indent after typing hash

645 Enabling Windows shortcuts (eg alt PLUS space, F10 etc) for gvim window
645 Enabling Windows shortcuts for gvim

651 Edit gnupg-encrypted files.
651 Edit gnupg-encrypted files

653 Doxygen '///'
653 Continuing doxygen comments

654 Special characters in VIM substitution
654 Special characters in the substitute command

656 Recursive mappings - (2 examples to learn from)
656 Recursive mappings

658 Switching to unit test module for python
658 Switch to unit test module for Python

661 LaTeX: Addition to latex-suite: folds the preamble
661 Fold the preamble in a LaTeX document

665 Hide & Toggle GUI widgets
665 Hide toolbar/scrollbar and toggle menu

670 Filtering: deleting some lines with some exeptions
670 Delete some lines with some exceptions

671 Add a newline after given pattern(s)
671 Add a newline after given patterns

672 Buffer Bar
672 Buffer bar to list buffers

673 Dealing with typing ":wq" in insert-mode
673 Prompted quit in insert-mode

674 One-liner Replacement for ':sb(uffer) PIPE e(dit) somefile'
674 Split to edit another file

676 Shortcut key for gvim in Windows XP
676 Use shortcut key to start gvim in Windows

678 Get Diff to Work with SFU 3.5 on Windows XP
678 Get diff to work with Windows SFU

680 'Verbose' vs. "File not found"
680 Verbose startup while avoiding File not found

681 Enhanced Command Window (ECW)
681 Enhanced command window

682 Errorformat for Intel ifort 8.0
682 Errorformat for Intel ifort

683 HOWTO - Integrate MS .NET and gvim.exe
683 Integrate gvim with Visual Studio

684 Preview Current HTML in Browser on Mac OS X
684 Preview current HTML in browser on Mac OS X

685 Search without need to escape frontslashes
685 Search without need to escape slash

686 Easier Buffer Switching
686 Easier buffer switching

688 Lid & cscope = custom grep
688 Temporarily replace grep with a custom program

689 Word Count
689 Word count

691 Gf for standard URL, like file:///C:/myfile.txt
691 Use gf to open a file via its URL

694 Really *QUICK SAVE* and back to edit
694 Quick save to a temporary file before more edits

697 FRENCH character maps (not phrenology!)
697 French character maps

707 Map xmmsctrl commandos in you vimrc file
707 Maps for xmmsctrl commands

709 If you create lots of shell scripts
709 Simple creation of scripts

710 Save time by typing and running templates instead of routine code.
710 Type and run templates instead of routine code

711 Dynamic tag generation for currect file
711 Tags generation for current file

712 Invert a selection (reverse the letters)
712 Reverse letters

713 Console vs. GUI mappings
713 Create one mapping for both console and GUI

714 Version independent installation of (g)vim on MS-Windows
714 Version independent installation of Vim on Windows

716 Calling gvim from vc PLUS PLUS for windows.
716 Calling gvim from MS Visual Studio

717 Executing shell command in Explorer's current viewing directory
717 Execute a shell command in the directory shown in file explorer

718 Use useful title on exit instead of "Thanks for Flying"
718 Show a useful title on exit in an xterm

719 Vc6 with python
719 Use Python to build project in Visual Studio

720 Delete word in FRONT of cursor
720 Delete word before cursor

727 Helpfiles and avoiding E21: error with fileencoding for *.txt
727 Helpfiles and avoiding E21 error with fileencoding

731 ObjectiveC in vim (create ctags and use Cocoa syntax file)
731 ObjectiveC and ctags with Cocoa syntax file

732 On Windows, Quick Launch html and other Microsoft files(Excel,Word) from Vim
732 Quick launch html and other Windows documents

733 Python the SciTe way...
733 Python - check syntax and run script

734 Fix 'x' command in virtualedit mode (past end-of-file)
734 Fix the x command in virtualedit mode

735 Mentioning 'fileencoding' and 'bomb' values on the status line
735 Show fileencoding and bomb in the status line

738 Fix META-keys when META-keys break out of Insert mode
738 Fix meta-keys that break out of Insert mode

740 Vim-vfs wrapper for using vim to edit SFTP and FTP nautilus/gnome-vfs mounts
740 Edit files via SFTP and FTP gnome-vfs mounts

741 Outline editing of Python programmes
741 Outline editing of Python programs

743 Use Alt PLUS Mouse to select blockwise (MS Word like)
743 Use Alt-Mouse to select blockwise

744 Getting the official distribution's latest: syntax highlighting, runtime, docs, plugins, etc
744 Get latest releases for syntax highlighting, runtime, plugins etc

745 Find $VIMRUNTIME in a bash script
745 Find VIMRUNTIME in a bash script

748 Get bright background colors in linux console (framebuffer)
748 Get bright background colors in Linux console

750 Underline Using Dashes Automatically
750 Underline using dashes automatically

753 Make File PIPE Open dialog track the current file's directory
753 Make File-Open track directory of current file

760 Quickly change to a larger or smaller font (gtk2 gvim)
760 Change font size quickly

761 Reviewing code effectively (using quickfix)
761 Review code effectively using quickfix

762 Power FTP coming to Mac!
762 Integrate with FTPeel on Mac OS X

763 Drag Words with C-left/right.
763 Drag words with Ctrl-left/right

766 Yank last line's content, and trim it to the cursor
766 Yank last line and trim to the cursor

769 Highlighting Current Line
769 Highlight current line

772 Convert numbers, hex to decimal and vice versa via menu
772 Convert numbers hex/decimal via menu

778 Speed up Pythoner coding
778 Speed up Python coding

781 Changing the hotkey for "&Diff with Vim"
781 Change the Windows Explorer hotkey for Diff with Vim

785 Toggle Between Tabs and Spaces
785 Toggle between tabs and spaces

786 Character-set translation
786 Translate text between different character sets

787 A mapping that invokes a function with a count prefix.
787 Invoke a function with a count prefix

790 Ms-word files (viewing and diff'ing)
790 View and diff MS Word files

791 How to Search for a "non-Ascii Character"
791 Search for non-ASCII characters

793 Searching phrases visually module spaces.
793 Search for selected phrase ignoring spaces

795 Simulating arrays with VIM
795 Simulating arrays with Vim

797 All folds open at startup or just openen file
797 All folds open when open a file

798 Split current window and search for word under cursor in new window
798 Search for current word in new window

801 Folding of (gnu)make output
801 Folding of gnu make output

802 Specify what you do not want to have in a search and other helpful searches.
802 Search for lines not containing pattern and other helpful searches

804 Single 'tags' file for a source tree
804 Single tags file for a source tree

805 Windows: gvim as an external editor
805 Use gvim as an external editor for Windows apps

807 Backing up and commenting .vimrc
807 Backing up and commenting vimrc

808 How to overwrite a visual-block of text with another such block
808 Replace a visual-block of text with another such block

809 GNU\Linux - gvim as an external editor
809 Use gvim as an external editor for Linux apps

810 Highlighting Text Beyond 80 Columns
810 Highlight text beyond 80 columns

812 Keep modified OPENBRACKET PLUS CLOSEBRACKET flag after writing to a file
812 Keep the modified flag after writing to a file

816 JAVH: Just another VIM Hacker
816 JAVH - Just another Vim Hacker

817 Non-blinking block cursor in the linux console
817 Non-blinking block cursor in a Linux console

818 Vim/GVim as Diff tool for TortoiseCVS
818 Integrate Vim diff with TortoiseCVS

819 Quick (Re-)starting and Iconizing gvim with keystrokes for Windows
819 Minimize and restore gvim under Windows using shortcut keys

820 VimTip is a one-stop resource to vim. Keep it in your $VIM directory
820 Make one file of Vim tips with folding

822 Add java import statements easily (assume using ctags)
822 Add Java import statements automatically

823 Add your note files to vim's help system.
823 Add your note files to Vim help

824 Choose smaller font in vimdiff mode.
824 Use a smaller font for vimdiff

825 Expand HASH * search to grep-find
825 Repeat search using grep

826 PHP manual in VIM help format
826 PHP manual in Vim help format

828 Pad trailing blanks onto end of lines to ease visual blocks
828 Add trailing blanks to lines for easy visual blocks

829 Copy & paste between vim session
829 Copy and paste between Vim instances

833 Google lookup as a contextual spell check and phrase verifier.
833 Check spelling and phrases using Google search

834 Word-wise cut, copy & paste
834 Word-wise cut, copy and paste

835 Get Intellisense for C PLUS PLUS to search CWD/PWD
835 Have Intellisense search current directory

837 Load file from list of filenames in textfile
837 Load files from list of filenames in a text file

843 Moving between buffers using mouse and minibufexpl.
843 Moving between buffers using mouse

846 Gvim ampersand in freebsd shell commands (viewing with vim-latex)
846 Ampersand in freebsd shell commands to view LaTeX files

847 Avoid irritating "ATTENTION" message and always open it read-only
847 Open same file read-only in second Vim

851 Compose mail in Mozilla Thunderbird using Vim.
851 Integrate with Mozilla Thunderbird

853 Write a dated backup of the current file.
853 Write a date-stamped backup of the current file

858 Setting tags when working with multiple source branches.
858 Setting tags when working with multiple source branches

859 Remap % to show how many lines in between pairs
859 Show how many lines between matching pairs

861 Right click in Windows Explorer to open GVim in 'Ex;plorer Mode' on the current directory.
861 Right click in Windows Explorer to open gvim in explorer mode

863 Vimsessions utilization
863 Save settings between Vim sessions

864 Windows: make arrow keys work in visual mode
864 Make arrow keys work in visual mode under Windows

866 Cut/Copy(All)/Paste with Ctrl-X/C(A)/V
866 Use standard Windows shortcuts for clipboard operations

867 Quickly get help on python libraries
867 Get help on Python libraries

868 Langmap: go-to-end-of-line problem
868 Go to end-of-line when using langmap

873 Elusive buffer ring cycling .. dired mode
873 Cycle through buffers including hidden buffers

874 Fold C-style Comments
874 Fold C-style comments

875 Grep and bar---AKA PIPE , OR, or alternation
875 Using bar in external grep

876 Selecting blocks of paragraphs.
876 Selecting blocks of paragraphs

879 Change .vimrc PLUS auto reload
879 Change vimrc with auto reload

884 Let VIM use different color schemes dependent on time of day
884 Use different color schemes depending on time of day

886 Adding vim.exe to windows "Send To" context menu.
886 Add Vim to Windows Send To menu

888 E(dit) multiple files with a single command
888 Load multiple files with a single command

891 Copy (parts of) filename to clipboar
891 Copy parts of filename to clipboard

892 Incremental Auto-Backup
892 Keep incremental backups of edited files

893 Aligning numbers at decimal-point
893 Align numbers at decimal point

898 Automatic no beep *and* no flash
898 Disable beeping and flashing

900 Right Aligned Comment Block
900 Insert comment boxes in your code

901 Text objects for strings in vim 6.x
901 Text objects for strings

902 A command manipulate &path
902 Easily change the path option

903 Capitalize words in insert & normal mode *with no cursor displacement*
903 Capitalize words in insert and normal modes without moving the cursor

905 Remember my buffers!
905 Remember my buffers

907 Keep Passwords in encrypted file
907 Keep passwords in encrypted file

909 Slide line forward/backward using indentation in insert & normal mode *with no cursor displacement*
909 Easy indenting in insert and normal mode with no cursor displacement

910 Upload files from vim (using python)
910 Upload web files from Vim using Python

913 Add a command to remove a file from vim
913 Delete files with a Vim command

914 Looking for the perfect programming font ?
914 The perfect programming font

915 An alternative to
915 Using g instead of substitute

916 Expose only what you're editing
916 View only what you are editing

917 Word, down/up, Home/End, PageUp/PageDown visual selection & Word deletion
917 Easy word and page selection and deletion in gvim

922 Launch lynx to get a info from for the word under your cursor
922 Launch lynx to get info for the current word

923 Sort lines by word HASH count
923 Sort lines by a specified word number

924 Alt up/down mappings like in eclipse.
924 Alt up/down mappings like in eclipse

931 STL (Standard Template Library/C PLUS PLUS ) help via tags.
931 STL help using tags - Cpp Standard Template Library

932 Autojump to ( when entering ), then jump back. Handy for Lisp.
932 Auto jump between brackets on entry

933 Search the web for text selected in vim.
933 Search the web for text selected in Vim

937 Tip on looking up vim help topics
937 Quickly look up Vim help

939 Single config file for Vim on Windows with Cygwin installed.
939 Single config file for Vim on Windows with Cygwin

942 Simple VIM Reference
942 Simple Vim reference

945 Range of current c/c PLUS PLUS /java function
945 Run Vim command on current C/Cpp/Java function

946 VisVim for Visual Sutdio .NET
946 VisVim for Visual Studio

948 Correct Format-flowed Email function
948 Correct format-flowed email function

949 Integrate Pylint and Pychecker support into Vim Cwindows.
949 Integrate Pylint and Pychecker support

953 Quick ex in Brazillian ABNT2
953 Quickly access Ex commands on a Brazilian keyboard

954 Restore the circumstance of edited files when we reopen them
954 Restore state of edited files when reopened

955 Switch between the two styles of Pan Shizhu's color scheme by a single key stroke
955 Easily switch between two styles of color scheme

957 Preventing a second copy of VIM from starting
957 Prevent a second instance of Vim from starting

958 Execute sybase-sql queries and see the result in the splitted window
958 Execute sybase-sql queries and see the result in a split window

965 Don't let screen catch your ESC all the time
965 Change timeout to detect Esc reliably in an xterm

966 Multi-line abbreviations are possible!
966 Multi-line abbreviations

968 Custom keyword completion (works only with Vim 7)
968 Custom keyword completion

969 Highlight simple python syntax errors
969 Highlight simple Python syntax errors

970 Vi key-bindings in gtk 2.x
970 Vi key bindings in gtk

972 Running native-Windows Vim from cygwin (without a wrapper)
972 Run native-Windows Vim from cygwin without a wrapper

973 Using native-Windows and cygwin versions of Vim with the same runtime files
973 Use the same runtime files for native-Windows Vim and cygwin Vim

976 Like
976 List buffers sorted by name

978 Cobol Editing with VIM
978 Cobol editing with Vim

982 Inserting a new-line without entering insert mode
982 Insert newline without entering insert mode

983 Numbering Mode, Number Line Ranges and Interpolating Sequences
983 Numbering lines and interpolating sequences

984 Accessing the System Clipboard through the * Register
984 Accessing the system clipboard

986 Background
986 Background grep searches

990 Repeat last
990 Repeat last colon command

995 Resise window when showing/hiding line numbers
995 Resize window when showing/hiding line numbers

996 Fast jump to line that matches some regular expression
996 Fast jump to line that matches a regular expression

997 Saving made easy via mapping.
997 Saving file made easy

998 HOWTO put boxes around comments in code
998 Put boxes around comments in code

1001 Save a buffer without changing the file's "last modified" attribute
1001 Save buffer without changing Last Modified attribute

1002 Reverse lines in a file using !tac
1002 Reverse lines in a file using tac

1008 Toggle quickfix Window
1008 Toggle to open or close the quickfix window

1009 AutoChange: Version of cw/c$ which snaps back to normal mode after finishing
1009 Change word or line with automatic return to normal mode

1010 Chance C PLUS PLUS style comments to MISRA complient C style comments
1010 Change Cpp comments to C comments

1011 Mappings and commands for visual mode PLUS some bonus mappings to quickly copy and paste
1011 Mappings and commands for visual mode

1013 Print all available characters (unicode)
1013 Print all available Unicode characters

1021 Use glimpse from within vim
1021 Use glimpse from within Vim

1023 Exhance Ctrl-^: when there is no alternate file, go to next file, otherwise act as notmal Ctrl-^
1023 Go to alternate file or next file if no alternate

1025 Simple PHP Debugging Maps
1025 Simple PHP debugging maps

1028 This tip will let vim read tag files from all of the directories in your path
1028 Read tag files from all directories in your path

1029 Of the usefulness of the ". register
1029 Use the last-inserted-text register

1030 Show diff view of current buffer compared to the unmodified file
1030 Diff current buffer and the original file

1032 Decode MIME text using perl in vim
1032 Decode MIME text using Perl in Vim

1036 Changing the color scheme.
1036 Change the color scheme

1037 VIM sessions & Windows shell (creating project files with vim)
1037 Create Vim sessions that you can open with double-click in Windows

1039 Disable all auto-indenting with 'set nopaste' mode (so that imap work)
1039 Disable auto indenting yet keep imaps

1040 Good leading and trailing whitespace highlighting
1040 Highlight leading and trailing whitespace

1043 Joinging two lines of text throughout a document
1043 Joining two lines of text based on pattern

1050 Join Up
1050 Move comment line to end of next line

1051 Buffers in GVIM
1051 Use the buffer menu in gvim

1059 Save each line of a text in separated numbered files
1059 Save each line in separate numbered files

1061 SmartHome & SmartEnd over wrapped lines
1061 SmartHome and SmartEnd over wrapped lines

1063 Send results of a g// to a new window
1063 Send output of g search to a new window

1064 C/C PLUS PLUS syntax folding with Vim 6
1064 Syntax folding for C/Cpp

1068 Fixing missing gvim context menu in windows
1068 Fix missing gvim context menu in Windows

1070 Inline integer arithmatic
1070 Inline integer arithmetic

1072 Shadow your Comments
1072 Shadow your comments to see the code

1073 Mathing valid IP address
1073 Match valid IP address

1076 Hex or Unhex strings.
1076 Hex or unhex strings

1077 Move Function Parameters with macro
1077 Move function parameters with macro

1078 Best way to close (delete) buffer without closing its window
1078 Delete buffer without closing its window

1083 Map caps-lock to ESC
1083 Map CapsLock key to Esc

1087 Quick reference of current function(for csharp,c,c PLUS PLUS ,pascal,sql)
1087 Quick reference of current function

1090 How to get inline help for PHP functions
1090 Get inline help for PHP functions

1091 Hide/show useless parts of your code.
1091 Hide/show parts of your code

1092 Keeping SQL*PLUS command (Windows OS)
1092 Keep SQL-PLUS command history under Windows

1093 A couple folding tips
1093 Use folds in your program

1103 Correct scrolling in vim with trackpoint (UltraNav)
1103 Fix scrolling when using Trackpoint

1107 J2ME development by Vim PLUS WTK22
1107 J2ME development

1109 Maintain cursor & screen position
1109 Maintain cursor and screen position

1111 Map semicolon (;) to colon (:)
1111 Map semicolon to colon

1112 Something better than just
1112 Listing buffers

1114 Step Increment & Replace
1114 Step increment and replace

1119 How to use Vim like an IDE
1119 Use Vim like an IDE

1120 Syntax highlighting when starting a string: fix annoyance
1120 Remove annoyance with syntax highlighting when starting a string

1123 Vimrc example with some arguably good stuff in it
1123 Vimrc example

1125 Quickly go to next buffer.
1125 Quickly go to next buffer

1128 Detecting non-unicode Xterms
1128 Detect non-Unicode Xterms

1129 Getting alt key to work in terminals
1129 Get Alt key to work in terminal

1130 Format a code block: =i OPENCURL
1130 Format a code block

1131 Selectively formatting individual lines.
1131 Format only long lines

1133 Dont load twice (load my script only once) in one line PLUS vimrc function
1133 Load my script only once

1134 How to read base64 raw string/email directly in vim
1134 Read base64 raw string/email in Vim

1141 Command PP: print lines like
1141 List lines with current search pattern highlighted

1142 Map . to . OPENBRACKET '
1142 Repeat last command and put cursor at start of change

1146 Project browsing using find.
1146 Project browsing using find

1147 Function key as mapleader.
1147 Use a function key as map leader

1149 Using balloonexpr effectively
1149 Use balloonexpr effectively

1150 Java/C/C PLUS PLUS folding
1150 Java/C/Cpp folding

1154 Auto selections with mouse.
1154 Auto copy the mouse selection

1155 Easier 'set'
1155 Set options with automatic escaping of spaces

1157 From vim to web search... via firefox & google
1157 Search Web from within Vim using Firefox and Google

1158 Duplicate Previous Line, Word by Word
1158 Duplicate previous line word by word

1160 Auto Save files when focus is lost.
1160 Auto save files when focus is lost

1161 Updating the functionality of
1161 Windo and restore current window

1164 How long does a command take to execute?
1164 Measure time taken to execute a command

1166 Sort lines - easy use of existing vim capability
1166 Sort lines and keep unique lines

1168 Folding for Plain Text files based on indentation
1168 Folding for plain text files based on indentation

1172 Vim FAQ & misc documentation
1172 Vim FAQ and other documentation

1177 Manually indent block without dealing with deselection problems
1177 Indent block without needing to reselect

1178 Simple function to add a full link-tag with automatic title
1178 Add a full link-tag with automatic title

1180 Searching for lines NOT containing pattern
1180 Search for lines not containing pattern

1181 Using PuTTY's pscp along with Vim
1181 Using PuTTY pscp with Vim

1182 Vim explorer tip using CTRL-6
1182 File explorer

1183 Insert-mode only CAPS Lock
1183 Insert-mode only Caps Lock

1188 Use to generate tags file for python
1188 Use ptags to generate tags file for Python

1189 Maintaing multiple versions of GVim in Windows
1189 Maintain multiple versions of gvim in Windows

1194 Make CLOSEBRACKET z navigate to the next open fold
1194 Navigate to the next open fold

1197 Mapping to streamline entering
1197 Mapping to enter colon commands

1198 Automatic Scrolling of text in the vim
1198 Automatic scrolling of text

1200 PHP / Mac Hint
1200 View PHP documentation for current word

1203 Mapping to set up vtreeexplorer and taglist in left side of window
1203 Set up vtreeexplorer and taglist on left

1204 Send To Printer Fast ( ha! ha! ha! )
1204 Send to default printer with no prompts under Windows

1206 Grab (and remove) up to the nth slash
1206 Remove up to the nth slash to clean file lists

1212 Open Filenames containing Spaces with gf
1212 Open filenames containing spaces with gf

1220 Use Vi shortcuts in terminal.
1220 Use vi shortcuts in terminal

1224 Toggle Spellcheck with Function Keys
1224 Toggle spellcheck with function keys

1226 Use Tab Key To Switch Windows and Current File Path
1226 Use tab key to switch windows and current file path

1227 Vim-Shell: Embedded full-strength terminal in vim
1227 Vim-Shell embeds a terminal in Vim

1228 Completion popup selection like other IDEs
1228 Improve completion popup menu

1229 Map F9 for convinient debugging VIM plugins
1229 Source current file when editing a script

1230 Exec cmd for each in a OPENBRACKET glob CLOSEBRACKET list in
1230 Execute command on each file in a list

1231 Set indent parameters for python files.
1231 Set indent parameters for Python files

1232 Time your Vim Commands !!! (yes,do it)
1232 Time your Vim commands

1235 Builtin Scientific Calculator
1235 Scientific calculator

1237 Simplifying Regular Expressions using \v and \V
1237 Simplifying regular expressions using magic and no-magic

1240 Place the cursor in the optimal position, editing email messages.
1240 Automatically position the cursor when editing email messages

1241 Beautifully rearrange quotes in email replies using the fmt command.
1241 Beautify quotes in email replies using the fmt command

1244 Preview interpreter's output
1244 Preview output from interpreter in new window

1247 Did you mean
1247 Tabclose instead of quit-all

1249 Recording playback with "Q"
1249 Easy playback of recorded keys

1251 AES256 Encryption in vim done easy.
1251 AES256 encryption in Vim

1253 Have VIM open a file in visual studio 2005
1253 Have Vim open a file in Visual Studio

1259 Edit java's jar, war, ear, sar, rar files
1259 Edit Java jar and other files

1265 Use Return and Delete key in Normal-mode like in Insert-mode.
1265 Use Return and Delete keys in normal mode like in insert mode

1266 Newline/NULL magic in Vim script strings/vars
1266 Newlines and nulls in Vim script

1267 Show current function name (for C programmers)
1267 Show current function name in C programs

1273 Mac stlye vim icon
1273 Mac style Vim icon

1275 Toggle between Insert and Normal Mode with the "ESC" key
1275 Toggle between insert and normal mode with Esc

1279 Highlight current line in Insert Mode using "cursorline"
1279 Highlight current line using cursorline

1280 Edit, Read, And Organize Several Remote Files Easily With VIM
1280 Edit and organize several remote files easily

1285 Change behaviour of builtin commands like
1285 Replace a builtin command using cabbrev

1286 Using Gvim As Your TortoiseCVS External Diff Application
1286 Use gvim for diff under TortoiseCVS

1287 Statusline color changes depending on current mode (insert mode vs normal mode)
1287 Change statusline color to show insert or normal mode

1292 Simulating the "uniq" command
1292 Simulate the uniq command

1293 BEST active window current line highlight
1293 Highlight the current line in the active window

1295 Tab keybindings: make vim behave like every other app with 'tabs'
1295 Select tab page with a key

1296 How to display the name of the function you are editing (even if nested)
1296 Display the name of the function you are editing

1297 Display last viewed text lines on top of a new shell. (:shell)
1297 Display last viewed text lines at top of new shell

1298 A fast way to run Matlab script (for Windows users, Python required)
1298 Run Matlab script under Windows

1300 List changes in the current buffer/file.
1300 List changes to the current file

1301 In Windows, associate files with no extension to vim
1301 Associate files with no extension to Vim under Windows

1303 Pasting Registers
1303 Pasting registers

1305 Define your own colours in gvim.
1305 Define your own colors

1308 Link to Vince Negri 'conceal' patch for vim7
1308 Patch to conceal parts of lines

1309 Safari style keybindings for tab navigation in vim 7.0
1309 Safari style keybindings for tab navigation

1311 Compiling a separate copy of Vim for Python coding
1311 Compile a separate copy of Vim for Python coding

1313 Show tabs/ hide tabs / naviguate through tabs
1313 Show and hide and navigate tab pages

1314 Real "open-in-tabs" context menu for Vim 7.0 Win32
1314 Add open-in-tabs context menu for Windows

1319 Automatica tags generation
1319 Add html tags with substitute

1320 Pattern to match c PLUS PLUS style for loop
1320 Search for a C-style for statement

1321 % doesn't work in C Sharp for region and endregion
1321 Fold a C sharp region

1322 Import fully-qualified current directory name
1322 Insert current directory name

1323 Faster keyboard layout - reverse the number row keys
1323 Invert the number row keys for faster typing

1326 Map extra keys on non US keyboards.
1326 Map extra keys on non US keyboards

1327 Preventing 'autoindent' to remove indentation
1327 Prevent autoindent from removing indentation

1343 Setting diff environment while running vim
1343 Diff the current buffer with another file

1348 OPENBRACKET Poor man's langmap CLOSEBRACKET using vim key bindings while typing non-latin1 texts
1348 Using Vim key bindings while typing non-latin1 text

1359 Bultin calculator and code evaluation with embeded perl
1359 Calculator and code evaluation using Perl

1360 Current location for tagfile generator 'hdrtag'
1360 Create LaTeX tags using hdrtag

1361 Disable auto-comment when editting c/cpp files
1361 Disable auto-comment when editing C/Cpp files

1364 Correction to plugin idevim.tgz (Control gdb from inside vim)
1364 Correction to plugin idevim to control gdb from Vim

1365 Series of high quality VIM tips
1365 Links to other Vim tips

1370 Tracking Clipboard Changes
1370 Tracking clipboard changes

1375 Preserve screen *visual* line when switching buffers
1375 Avoid scrolling when switch buffers

1380 Highlight cursor line after cursor jump (for easy spot)
1380 Highlight cursor line after cursor jump

1381 Hightlight a kind of special filetype docs in vim
1381 Highlight special filetype docs

1382 On-the-fly spellcorrecting using abbreviations
1382 Auto spelling correction using abbreviations

1384 Xterm256 color names for console vim.
1384 Xterm256 color names for console Vim

1387 Standard editing shotcuts
1387 Standard editing shortcuts

1389 Trailing white space aware Delete Key (Insert Mode)
1389 Trailing white space aware Delete key

1390 Give back movement to the Dvorak layout.
1390 Change cursor movement keys for Dvorak layout

1393 Automatically create/set tmp or backup directories
1393 Automatically create tmp or backup directories

1431 Manage a tasklist of TODO code snippets (e.g. //TODO)
1431 Manage a tasklist of to-do code snippets

1433 Use of vim to convert files mangled by Palm OS memo conduit
1433 Convert files mangled by Palm OS memo conduit

1434 As you type (or paste) in Makefile, autoconvert leading eight spaces to tab
1434 Autoconvert leading eight spaces to tab when type or paste in Makefile

1437 Using VIM with the Dvorak Keyboard Layout
1437 Using Vim with the Dvorak keyboard layout

1440 Let "Open in tabs" as easy as Textpad, UltraEdit, PSPad, Editplus
1440 Launch files in new tabs under Windows

1454 Shows what function the cursor is in. (for C/C PLUS PLUS )
1454 Show what function the cursor is in

1458 Motion on steroids
1458 Accelerated motion

1465 Notes to accompany
1465 Introduction to display editing using vi

1468 Backward search for latex documents on Mac os x
1468 Backward search for LaTeX documents on Mac OS X

1472 VIMRC
1472 Show file modification time on status bar

1475 VIM and PL/SQL programming
1475 PL/SQL programming

1477 Esc in normal mode: train your brain
1477 Esc in normal mode - train your brain

1479 Convert hex to dec II
1479 Convert decimal to hex

1483 Show Last modified time (and others) in status bar
1483 Show file modification time and more on status bar

1487 Spaces are my enemies..
1487 Remove unwanted spaces

1495 Wrap a Visual hilight in an arbitrary HTML tag
1495 Wrap a visual selection in an HTML tag

1498 Delete words in a different way. (For Unix Admins)
1498 Delete words in a different way

1500 By default, when opening files in Mac OS X, a new vim window is opened. This shows you how to have only one window.
1500 Open files in same window under Mac OS X

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