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July 15, 2008

I have been using vi/vim for about 10+ years. It is my favorite editor, as I rarely use other editors -- I use vi whenever possible.

I use firefox for browser with the vimperator extension. Here is my .vimperatorrc file

" 0.5.3 (created: 2007/12/21 19:26:07)
" vim: set ft=vimperator:
set titlestring=Firefox
map c :tabnext<CR>
map e :tabprevious<CR>
map a :back<CR>
map f :forward<CR>
map b <PageUp>
map s :stop<CR>
map <BS> <NOP>
map <F8> :set guioptions=mT<CR>I
set hlsearch
" set hintchars=aiopqwertnmzxcv
set noshowmode
set laststatus=2
map gg :set go=<CR>
map gt :set go=T<CR>
map gm :set go=m<CR>
map gb :set go=b<CR>

It is geared toward left hand navigation (forward/backword/tabprev/tabnext/delete) etc, as the right hand often needs to touch the mouse.

It would be great to share with others on computing tips. I stick to the KISS principle whenever possible (given the time constraint)

Pages I have contributed in:


  • Improve the Working with CSV files code. See the wish list on that page.
  • Improve the LaTeX/Text formatter. This is less priority as I think it is already quite usable / pleasant to use.
  • Learn the 'formatexpr' option of VIM. So far, I have not seen a good example of how to use it.


Please leave your comment for me in my talk page (click the Discussion tab above).

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