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About meEdit

I've got about 19 years of experience programming in Perl

I don't dodge C/C++ software build problems when they come along; I solve them. I have a journeyman understanding of GNU `make' and Autotools.

I regularly use bash, and write vimscript frequently. I am platform-agnostic with regards to MS Windows vs Free (as in speech) OS platforms. I use Cygwin in concert (occasionally with some dissonance) with the native port of Vim for M$W. I written a lot of Vim script code to solve issues I encounter with the interoperability of Cygwin and M$W-Vim.

I can frequently be found as somian, lurking (or maybe even "helping") on #vim @

(or sometimes as somian_ or somian[N] {where the N is a small integer starting from 0}).

My favorite pagesEdit

--Perlsomian 18:08, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

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