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Hi I'm Peter Odding and I've been using Vim for several years now. In that time I've published the following Vim plug-ins which might be useful to other Vim users:

  • easytags.vim - Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim;
  • luainspect.vim - Semantic highlighting for Lua in Vim;
  • notes.vim - Easy note taking in Vim;
  • publish.vim - Publish hyperlinked, highlighted source code using Vim, 2html.vim and rsync;
  • pyref.vim - Context-sensitive documentation for Python source code;
  • reload.vim - Automatic reloading of Vim scripts ((file-type) plug-ins, auto-load/syntax/indent scripts, color schemes);
  • session.vim - Extended session management for Vim;
  • shell.vim - Improved integration between Vim and its environment (fullscreen, open URL, etc).

For more information about me you can visit my homepage

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