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December 28, 2007

Please enjoy this vimrc; it makes vim work almost completely like Windows Notepad.

set guioptions-=T

Gvim toolbar is a waste of space, this hides it

nmap <C-S-tab> :tabprevious<cr>
nmap <C-tab> :tabnext<cr>
map <C-S-tab> :tabprevious<cr>
map <C-tab> :tabnext<cr>
imap <C-S-tab> <ESC>:tabprevious<cr>i
imap <C-tab> <ESC>:tabnext<cr>i
nmap <C-t> :tabnew<cr>
imap <C-t> <ESC>:tabnew<cr>i
map <C-w><C-w> :tabclose<cr>

Mimicks standard Firefox tab navigation.

nmap <buffer> <Up> gk
nmap <buffer> <Down> gj
imap <buffer> <Up> <C-O>gk
imap <buffer> <Down> <C-O>gj

Move through wrapped lines, the single most annoying vim bug. Doesn't remap k and j because I understand what those are for.


Starts in insert mode because 99% of the time that's what I'm editing the file for anyway.


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