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Welcome to the Vim Tips wiki! We hope you can help improve the articles by fixing typos, adding comments (at the bottom of each tip page), rewriting tips, joining in discussions, or making other improvements.

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Hi DG12! Thanks for your edits and thanks for joining in with a user page. I hope you can keep cleaning tips because it helps the wiki, but more so because it helps encourage others, including me. That's an interesting link on your user page! Let me know (reply here) if you have any general comments or questions. --JohnBeckett 23:24, 8 October 2008 (UTC)


Re the <esc> or <Esc> spelling mentioned elsewhere: We generally use the Vim help as a guide to provide a consistent style to the tips. Using :help <esc> shows that the docs use "<Esc>", so that's how we prefer it. The docs have been developed over many years and aren't always consistent, so some judgement is needed. We write "Vim" and "gvim" (see Vim Tips Wiki:Quick reference).

I (and others) have changed most of the tips to write control characters like Ctrl-r in the text, not CTRL-R as in the Vim docs because that is too ugly and antiquated. Sometimes I can't make up my mind and I use Ctrl-R because the R draws attention to the letter involved. Likewise, I often use <c-r> when it occurs in a command, whereas the Vim docs use <C-R>. I also just write "Esc" and "Enter" in text (example: press Esc to exit insert mode, and press Enter after entering a command).

Re Change the color scheme: For simplicity, (almost) all our tips just say "Windows" when referring to Microsoft Windows. I'm just mentioning that; I don't think it's a big deal and I'm not suggesting that you change it. Thanks for your activity; I haven't done much for a while, but I will get back into it. JohnBeckett 01:33, December 7, 2009 (UTC)

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