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Hey Michael, I noticed your latest contributions. Good work :-) Are you subscribed to already? See Vim_Tips_Wiki:Community_Portal Welcome to the Vim Tips Wiki! bastl 08:42, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Tip 97 (current timestamp)Edit

Hi Michael. I saw your edit summary asking about the Help template, so I looked at the tip. I see you have done a lot of good work with it. I didn't check all the tricky stuff ... we'll have to let others do that later.

Sure, I usually just trust that the comments are right unless there's another comment contradicting it.

Anyway, I made a number of changes that you might like to review. In particular, a number of code sections had several spaces at the left margin. I changed them to just one space which is consistent with other tips, and seems more appropriate to me. Let me know if you feel that is a problem.

Not at all. I liked the indent, but that's an issue I should handle with my stylesheet, not with superfluous spacing.

I also escaped less-than and greater-than (I would also do ampersand if there were any). HTML escaping is often not required, but it seems cleaner to do it (just for & < >). Don't worry about it if escaping is too much hassle.

I disagree that it seems cleaner; wikitext is (to me) supposed to help wiki users avoid HTML garbage. However I'm not passionate about this and it's easy enough to programmatically change, should you change your mind. I'll stick with your method for consistency.

See Template:Help for rather a lot of documentation. The Quick Reference section probably has all the info you actually need.

This helped me a lot, thank you!

--JohnBeckett 01:19, 27 September 2007 (UTC)

Escaping htmlEdit

I totally agree that wikitext should be clean, and using &lt; instead of < is just awful. However, I haven't found any documentation on what actually works in wikitext. I started by removing a bunch of html escaping, but later noticed that doing that broke occasionally. Here is an example: Shift-F1 is the key.

And here is a new para so you can admire the effect. I'll try to switch it off with .

So, I decided to always escape < > & but to remove other escapes.

--JohnBeckett 23:22, 27 September 2007 (UTC)

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