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==See also==
==See also==
Additional [ tips] on Vim and Git by [ Amjith Ramanujam]
* [ Git Grep]
* [ Always start on first line of git commit message]
* Additional [ tips] on Vim and Git by [ Amjith Ramanujam]

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created February 3, 2009 · complexity basic · author Alecclews · version 7.0

Git is a distributed version control system.

To use git from Vim, 3 packages are available:

  • git-vim (included with Vim 7.1 and later). Provides ftplugin and syntax files for editing various git files (e.g. commit messages).
  • fastgit.vim.
  • VCScommand plugin that needs to be installed separately. This provides commands to interact with git. Help text is provided.
  • vim-fugitive (status unknown). Help text is provided.

Git supports using vim diff to resolve merge conflicts

git mergetool -t vimdiff

To make it the default merge tool across all your repos

git config --global merge.tool vimdiff

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