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created November 1, 2005 · complexity basic · author Carl Fürstenberg · version 6.0

Create an ftplugin for filetype *.nfo and include this line:

edit ++enc=cp437

cp850 might work, but some characters might be distorted then.


Your suggestion is quite useful for .NFO files. However, I use a different approach for similar problems, so for .NFO files, I am now using the following code in vimrc:

" Necessary for multiple encodings
set encoding=utf-8

" Common code for encodings
function! SetFileEncodings(encodings)
let b:myfileencodingsbak=&fileencodings
let &fileencodings=a:encodings
function! RestoreFileEncodings()
let &fileencodings=b:myfileencodingsbak
unlet b:myfileencodingsbak

" .NFO specific
au BufReadPre *.nfo call SetFileEncodings('cp437')|set ambiwidth=single
au BufReadPost *.nfo call RestoreFileEncodings()

Note that I use "set ambiwidth=single", since when dealing with Chinese I need to use "set ambiwidth=double".

Could be my version (6.1 i think), or just my tty... but i got errors with the end of the function call: "|set ambiwidth=single", removing this last bit worked fine.

"Create an ftplugin for filetype *.nfo"... uuhm.. like this:


au BufNewFile,BufRead *.nfo   set filetype=nfo


:silent edit ++enc=cp437

/var/lib/vim/addons/ is Debian/Ubuntu system-wide default vim scripts location, could also use /etc/vim/ or ~/.vim/ just create the ftdetect/ftplugin subfolders if they do not exist. :silent prevents the Press ENTER or type command to continue nag prompt because file gets converted twice and :set cmdheight=2 is not in your vimrc :)

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