Usage exampleEdit


set runtimepath+=~/vim-plugins/vim-addon-manager
call scriptmanager#Activate(["vim-haxe","snipmate","vim-plugin-fcsh"])

A function such as scriptmanager#Update() will be written in the near future which will update scripts.

Implementation detailsEdit

See github page. There is enough documentation now.

Repository locationEdit

github project page

See alsoEdit

Vimana an alternative Vim script manager in Perl


See discussion at 200912 (I won't put a TipProposed template on this page since it is not a tip).

Marc: What do you want to do with the old page: TOVL - one lib for all ?

Options are to keep both pages (why?), to merge the two pages, or to delete the old page. Merging might be: Replace the old page with a redirect to this page; or, do the redirect and put some of the TOVL text in this page. I may replace the old page with a redirect if there are no other views. JohnBeckett 01:27, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

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