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Usage example


set runtimepath+=~/vim-plugins/vim-plugin-manager
call scriptmanager#Activate(["vim-haxe","snipmate","vim-plugin-fcsh"])

A function such as scriptmanager#Update() will be written in the near future which will update scripts.

Implementation details

Each plugin is put into a directory on the same level as vim-plugin-manager. In this case it's ~/vim-plugin-manager.

Activate fetches the repository if it doesn't exist yet and adds the path to Vim's runtimepath. The repository can be either a git url or a Vim plugin hosted on

A global variable, the dependency descriptions and the vim-plugin-manager-known-repositories tell Vim where to find plugins.

The core .vim file autoload/scriptmanager.vim is small. If you can't understand it let me explain it to you. If you think it's too complicated you've found a bug.

Repository location

github project page

See also

Vimana an alternative Vim script manager in Perl


See discussion at 200912 (I won't put a TipProposed template on this page since it is not a tip).

Marc: What do you want to do with the old page: TOVL - one lib for all ?

Options are to keep both pages (why?), to merge the two pages, or to delete the old page. Merging might be: Replace the old page with a redirect to this page; or, do the redirect and put some of the TOVL text in this page. I may replace the old page with a redirect if there are no other views. JohnBeckett 01:27, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

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