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created 2005 · complexity basic · author Frans · version 6.0

Developers and users will often have a need to change one pattern of text to match a different pattern. This can be completed using a key map and a regular expression. For example some development requires developers to be MISRA compliant. One of the MISRA rules is //-style-comments are not acceptable. These occurrences must be replaced by /*-style-comments-*/. Adding the following mapping to the vimrc file will do this per line.

:map <F5> /\/\/<CR>xxi/*<Esc>A*/<Esc>

This will do the action per found line. Start at the beginning of the file, and repeatedly press <F5>. Alternatively, this regular expression can be used:

:map <F5> %s,//\(.*\),/*\1 */,


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