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Go to alternate file or next file if no alternate

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created October 23, 2005 · complexity intermediate · author Yakov Lerner · version 6.0

" Ctrl-^ is very handy command in normal mode. Ctrl-^
" switches to "alternate file". When there is no "alternate file",
" I wanted Ctrl-^ to jump to next file in the list.
" Insert following commands into your vimrc, then
" Ctrl-^ will be enhanced so that when there is no alternate file
" but there is next file, it will jump to the next file.
" My remapping of <C-^>. If there is no alternate file, then switch to next file.
function! MySwitch()
  if expand('#')=="" | silent! next
    exe "normal! \<c-^>"
map <C-^> :call MySwitch()<CR>


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