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Send to default printer with no prompts under Windows

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created April 18, 2006 · complexity basic · author Mario · version 6.0

Sometimes after viewing something, you want to see a hardcopy of it. Vim provides a command for this:


On Windows a typical printers dialog box is displayed. Once you OK that box, Vim sends the document off to the printer. I thought that was great! But how could I do it faster?

Shortly afterwards, I learned the comnmad:


and that would do the exact same thing. Was there an even faster way to do that? The answer is yes. You can type:


and that will send it right off to the default printer wtihout a dialog box stopping you!

When I first learned of ":ha!" I smiled all day!

For systems other than Windows, these commands will work slightly differently. See the Docs for details.


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