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created July 17, 2006 · complexity basic · author Tom Purl · version 6.0

The diff mode of Vim and Gvim is really excellent, and I like to use it as the external diff application with TortoiseCVS. Here's how you would configure this:

1. Right-click any file and choose "CVS -> Preferences".

2. In the TortoiseCVS window, choose the "Tools" tab.

3. Place the following in the "Diff Application" text box (adjust for your Vim install location):

C:\Program Files\Vim\vim70\gvim.exe

4. Place the following in the "Two-way diff parameters" text box:

-d "%1" "%2"

Now you should be able to right-click a CVS-controlled file, choose the "CVS diff" option and view results in Gvim.

Any additional Gvim parameters should only appear in the "Two-way diff parameters" text box, not the "Diff application" text box.


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