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created August 12, 2006 · complexity basic · author Mosh · version n/a

If you spend all your time in gvim, you want sober colours soothing to your eyes.

Instead of copying someone's gaudy color scheme, fine tune it your own settings.

Put this function in, say, ~/showcolors.vim, then edit the rgb colors in hex below, and press <A-x> to update and see the results.

Below are (3 dark, 3 pastel) * (red,blue,green,yellow) colour definitions to get you started.

Needs Vim 7 with Python to generate syntax on the fly.

function! Mosh_Show_Colors()
  syn off
py << EOF
import vim,re
for line in vim.current.buffer[:]:
    result = re.match('^\s*:?hi\w*\s*(\w+)',line)
    if result:
        kw =
        syn = ("syn keyword %s %s") % (kw, kw)
        #print syn
        vim.command( syn )
map <A-x> :call Mosh_Show_Colors()<CR>:exe getline('.')<CR>
hi Red1d guifg=#8f0000
hi Red2d guifg=#702020
hi Red3d guifg=#500707
hi Red1p guifg=#fa4740
hi Red2p guifg=#f08787
hi Red3p guifg=#f0a787

hi Blue1d guifg=#1010f0
hi Blue2d guifg=#101090
hi Blue3d guifg=#103050
hi Blue1p guifg=#8080f0
hi Blue2p guifg=#a080f0
hi Blue3p guifg=#70a0f0

hi Green1d guifg=#01a001
hi Green2d guifg=#017001
hi Green3d guifg=#015001
hi Green1p guifg=#a0f0a0
hi Green2p guifg=#c0ffa0
hi Green3p guifg=#c0f010

hi Yellow1p guifg=#f0f000
hi Yellow2p guifg=#fafa0a
hi Yellow3p guifg=#fdda0a
hi Yellow1d guifg=#adaa0a
hi Yellow2d guifg=#8a8a01
hi Yellow3d guifg=#4a4a01
call Mosh_Show_Colors()


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