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Using remote editing with knetattach

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created 2006 · complexity basic · version 6.0

I was trying kde's knetattach yesterday. It doesn't seem to know about Vim's built-in remote editing commands. To get knetattach to play nicely with Vim, I wrote the following Python script and made it the default application for remote text files. The application command line reads " %u", where %u is translated to the remote fish url.


import os, sys

def open_gvim():
  v = sys.argv[1];
  if v[0:4] != 'fish':
    error_file = open('.net_vim_errors','a');
    print >> error_file, "Error starting gvim";
    print >> error_file, sys.argv;
    v = v.replace("fish:", "scp:", 1);
    v = v.replace(":22", "/", 1);
    cmd = ' '.join(['gvim',v]);



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