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Open Windows Explorer showing directory of current buffer

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created 2006 · complexity basic · author Erez Volk · version 6.0

When working in Windows, I have the following in my vimrc, which I find very useful to start Windows Explorer:

nmap <F11> :!start explorer /e,,%:p:h<CR>
imap <F11> <Esc><F11>


Pressing Win-E is an easier way to start Explorer, if you have a keyboard with the Windows key.

To get it to select the current file, use the following:

nmap <F11> :!start explorer /select,%:p
imap <F11> <Esc><F11>

To combine options to windows commands just put a comma between them. So to combine the examples given above do:

:!start explorer /e,,%:p:h,/select,%:p

For OS X users:

nmap <Leader>f :!open %:p:h<CR>

Just a little bit more useful:

nmap <F11> :silent !start explorer /e,,%:p:h,/select,%:p<CR>

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