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Using Vim key bindings while typing non-latin1 text

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created September 30, 2006 · complexity basic · author Alexander Mikhailian · version 6.0

When I am typing in cyrillic, I can not access any of the Vim key bindings, unless I switch the keyboard layout to a latin-based one.

There existed a solution for 1-byte locales, the famous langmap command. Putting the following in the vimrc solved the problem for those who worked in e.g. a koi8-r or cp1251-based locale.

set langmap=ж;;
set langmap=ё`,йq,цw,уe,кr,еt,нy,гu,шi,щo,зp,х[,ъ],фa,ыs,\

Unfortunately, this did not work in a multibyte locale. Instead, one has to map every key independently:

map ё `
map й q
map ц w
map у e
map к r
map е t
map н y
map г u
map ш i
map щ o
map з p
map х [
map ъ ]

map ф a
map ы s
map в d
map а f
map п g
map р h
map о j
map л k
map д l
map ж ;
map э '

map я z
map ч x
map с c
map м v
map и b
map т n
map ь m
map б ,
map ю .

map Ё ~
map Й Q
map Ц W
map У E
map К R
map Е T
map Н Y
map Г U
map Ш I
map Щ O
map З P
map Х {
map Ъ }

map Ф A
map Ы S
map В D
map А F
map П G
map Р H
map О J
map Л K
map Д L
map Ж :
map Э "

map Я Z
map Ч X
map С C
map М V
map И B
map Т N
map Ь M
map Б <
map Ю >


Do :help 'keymap' and discover The Only Right Way.

Unfortunately, you are wrong, the keymap option is a replacement for the system-wide keyboard layout switcher with the additional feature of not doing the conversion in the command mode.

What is really needed is a way to switch with the system keyboard layout switcher and be able to use Vim key combinations at the same time.

The ideal feature would probably be a way to take into account the system switcher only in editing mode, while falling back to a default one, be it us, us_intl or nl in command and visual modes.

Sounds well, but this does not work for me (utf-8 locale).

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