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created 2007 · complexity basic · version 7.0

This tip is about enabling the use of all characters in a Hungarian keymap, but the idea may be useful for other languages as well, hence the title.

There are four different Hungarian keymaps, depending on the infamous y-z key swap and the number of keys on the keyboard (101 or 102). For 101-key keyboards there is no separate 0 (zero) key, it is accessible by Alt-i'. The Happy Hacking Keyboard has a layout similar to 101 keys, so this must be used there as well.

Important punctuation characters are accessible with mappings using the Alt key, so we have to disable menu-shortcuts using the Alt key with the following setting.

:set winaltkeys=no

If this setting is enabled, we can define the missing keys. Here are the most important ones:

" Combinations accessible with the Alt key
<M-`> 0
<M-q> \
<M-w> |
<M-f> [
<M-g> ]
<M-x> #
<M-c> &
<M-v> @
<M-b> {
<M-n> }
<M-m> <
<M-.> >
<M-,> ;

These lines can be appended to your $VIM/vimfiles/keymap/magyar_utf-8.keymap file.


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