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created October 8, 2010 · complexity basic · version 7.0

This tip shows how to easily jump to the next or previous method in a C++ program using a simple regular expression.

Jump to next/previous methodEdit

Put these lines in your vimrc and you can press Alt-Shift-J (or Alt-Shift-K) to jump to the next (or previous) method in a C++ file:

nnoremap <M-J> /\v^(\w+\s+)?\w+::\w+\(.*\)
nnoremap <M-K> ?\v^(\w+\s+)?\w+::\w+\(.*\)

Better still, if this is in file ftplugin/cpp.vim, it only activates when editing C++ files.

This only works if the format of the method is:

type classname::methodname(args)

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