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created 2001 · complexity basic · author stephen · version 5.7

The following settings in vimrc will enable color highlighting when using SecureCRT and may work on other telnet packages. The terminal type should be selected as ANSI and color enabled.

if !has("gui_running")
  set t_Co=8
  set t_Sf=^[[3%p1%dm
  set t_Sb=^[[4%p1%dm

The ^[ is entered as <Ctrl-v><Esc>


Of course this isn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to get rid of the stupid syntax colors by default.

But by extension: t_Co=1 does this perfectly; I just put it in my system wide vimrc file.

I think you can enable color via SecureCRT Session Options : Emulation/Terminal : Linux + Ansi Color Appearance/Current Color Scheme : Windows

And in most cases the color problems are simply solved by:

:syntax on

In most cases the issue with color syntax on SecureCRT is the Encoding option. Under Terminal -> Emulation make sure you have Linux selected. Under Terminal -> Appearance make sure you have UTF-8 as the encoding. This step is often missed. You may need to add export TERM=linux to your bashrc file as well.

See :help xterm-color

Replace the ^[ with a real <Esc> key (type CTRL-V ESC):

  if &term =~ "xterm"
    if has("terminfo")
      set t_Co=8
      set t_Sf=^[[3%p1%dm
      set t_Sb=^[[4%p1%dm
      set t_Co=8
      set t_Sf=^[[3%dm
      set t_Sb=^[[4%dm

This worked perfectly for me on PuTTY. I'm not sure if anything changes for SecureCRT. It only give 8 colors though.

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