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Generate Java setters and getters automatically

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created 2002 · complexity intermediate · author Sheer El-Showk · version 5.7

This mapping makes it much simpler to write new java classes by automating a repetitive coding task, the creation of setters and getters. Note that a ready-made plugin exists to do much the same thing.

To use, first write a basic class with the following format:

public class MyClass
  private <type> <varname> = <initvalue>;
  private <type> <varname> = initvalue>;
  // getters
  // setters

Note the getters/setters comment -- these are important as they are used to place the getters and setters.

The mapping is which should be added to the .vimrc file is:

map jgs mawv/ <CR>"ty/ <CR>wvwh"ny/getters<CR>$a<CR><CR><Esc>xxapublic
<Esc>"npa;<CR>}<Esc>=<CR><Esc>/setters<CR>$a<CR><CR><Esc>xxapublic void
<Esc>"npbiset<Esc>l~ea(<Esc>"tpa <Esc>"npa)<CR>{<CR><Tab>this.<Esc>"npa=

The above should be one long line with no spaces between the end of the lines above.

To use this to generate a class go to the variable that should have a setter/getter and place the curser at the beginning of the 'private':

private <type> <variable> = <initvalue>'

Then type:


This will create the first getter/setter and then move up to the next variable. A user can continue typing jgs until all the getters/setters have been generated.


  • The java_getset.vim script makes it dead simple to auto generate getters and setters, plus its easy to install and configure.
  • lh-refactor handles getters and setters among other refactorings (and languages)


This is a great idea, but this implementation is a little lacking. When I first used it, it put my getters and setters in comments (since it searchers for // getters, and doing an $a<CR> on that line continues the comment). Additionally, it assumes a tabstop of 8 instead of letting the file type indent do the work, plus the spacing is a little messed up.

What I usually do is type all my private members. I got to the first one and hit qa to start macro recording to register a. Then I make my getter and setter using only commands that operate on words and not characters. When done, hit q again, and now register a has your macro.

Comment from Jeremy; This mapping caused a delay on the last j press in normal mode for me. It was quite irritating. I would suggest pointing the mapping to a different key sequence where the first key is not a common navigation key.

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