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created 2002 · complexity basic · author Max Ischenko · version 5.7

You could jump to the last place you had been while reading Vim help files if you add this to your vimrc file:

au BufLeave * if &ft == "help" | mark H | endif

Then use 'H to go to the mark H.

To work between Vim runs 'viminfo' option should be setup to save file marks.



Perhaps a modification to allow 'H to open another window if a help window doesn't already exist might be useful here. Basically, the problem I had with this was that if i I hit 'H while editing a buffer, it replaced the buffer with the help file (though it DID take me to the right location, as you suggested it would) instead of opening a new window.

What about

nmap <F1> <C-W>s'H

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