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Fast start up in a telnet session

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created November 7, 2002 · complexity basic · author vim_power · version 5.7

When you telnet to a remote machine and fire Vim on that machine, sometimes it takes a lot of time for Vim to start. instead if you use

vim -X

it will start vim almost instantaneously. This is because "-X" options tells vim not to connect to the local X server, which can save a lot of startup time.


vim -X --noplugin

will not load any plugins in $VIMRUNTIME/plugin directory, this will again speed up the starting and is very useful especially when running vim from a Disk mounted over NFS.


This is great! I alway use vim via telnet on remote machines but it always tried to connect to my XServer. Up to now, I always made something like 'unset DISPLAY; vim ...'.

I think it's a bug in the manual pages since the option -X is not mentioned there (same applies for -O).

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