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Enhance the calendar script with special dates

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created January 19, 2003 · complexity basic · author Suresh Govindachar · version 6.0

To enhance Calendar script#52 with display of special dates:

Step 1. Create a file called "holidays" in the directory assigned to g:calendar_diary (default value for g:calendar_diary is ~/diary).

This file will contain the special dates. Essence of contents of the holidays file is the special dates encoded as (10000+(month*100)+day).

Example contents of file g:calendar_diary/holidays

List of holidays: ^(10000 + ((month * 100)+day))

Encoded   Sign   Color   Description

10101     n      blue    Jan 01   (Wed)      - New Year's Day
10217     p      blue    Feb 17   (Mon)      - President's Day
10214     v      red     Feb 14   (Fri)      - Valentine's Day
10414     s      green   Apr 14   (Mon)      - Spring Break
10526     m      blue    May 26   (Mon)      - Memorial Day
10703     i      gold
10704     i      gold    Jul 3&4  (Thu & Fri)- Independence Day + 1 day
10901     l      blue    Sep 01   (Mon)      - Labor Day
11127     t      blue    Nov 27&28(Thu & Fri)- Thanksgiving Day + 1 day
11128     t      blue
11225     c      silver  Dec 25&26(Thu & Fri)- Christmas Day + 1 day
11226     c      silver  Dec 25&26(Thu & Fri)- Christmas Day + 1 day

Step 2. Add the following to your vimrc file:

let calendar_sign = 'MyGetSpecialDay'
function! MyGetSpecialDay(day, month, year)
  let l:m100d = 10000 + (a:month * 100 ) + a:day
  let l:holidays = expand(g:calendar_diary) . "/holidays"
  exe "split " . l:holidays
  let l:found = search(l:m100d)
  if l:found
    let l:found = 'h'
  return l:found

Note: The preceding constitutes basic support for display of special dates. With this basic support, all special dates are shown with the same sign (viz. +) and the same highlight color. An enhancement would be to pick up the sign and the highlight color from the holidays file. (Also, I suspect management of buffer for the holidays file can be speeded up, perhaps by opening it only once, keeping it in the background and searching with warp-around flag ('w').)


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