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created 2003 · complexity basic · author eric sherman · version 5.7

Put this in your vimrc if you use the cwindow:

" \cc
map <Leader>cc :cwindow<CR>:cc<CR><c-w>bz<CR><CR>
" \cn
map <Leader>cn :cwindow<CR>:cn<CR><c-w>bz<CR><CR>
" \cp
map <Leader>cp :cwindow<CR>:cp<CR><c-w>bz<CR><CR>

and when you use \cc (or whatever your leader character is + cc), \cn or \cp, it will do what :cc, :cn and :cp usually did, with the added bonus of showing the entire contents of multiline errors. this is especially useful for javac via ant, and it's obnoxious to keep typing <c-w>b<CR> every time i do a :cn, so i mapped this.

Detailed explanation:

  • ":cwindow<CR>" ensures that the quickfix window is shown.
  • ":cc" (:cn, and :cp) actually do the operation
  • "<c-w>b" go to the bottom window (which cwindow will be if it's shown) which will magically center on the error
  • "z<CR>" will reposition the buffer in the window so that the current line becomes the top line in the window
  • "<CR>" carriage-return on the error line, taking you back to the code with the error


Another solution to this problem is to "set cmdheight=2" which will provide two lines at the bottom of the screen for quickfix error lines instead of the default one.

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