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created June 19, 2003 · complexity basic · version 

This is a small mapping that can be used for jumping sections in a latex file.

map <silent> ]s :/\\\(sub\)\{,2}section\s*{<CR> :noh<CR>
map <silent> [s :?\\\(sub\)\{,2}section\s*{<CR> :noh<CR>

The above commands don't work with a count. The following maps correctly work with a count and also update the pattern. Also, if you want to keep the original search pattern, just comment out the "let @/ = pat" line.

" section jumping
noremap <buffer> <silent> ]] :<c-u>call TexJump2Section( v:count1, '' )<CR>
noremap <buffer> <silent> [[ :<c-u>call TexJump2Section( v:count1, 'b' )<CR>
function! TexJump2Section( cnt, dir )
  let i = 0
  let pat = '^\s*\\\(part\|chapter\|\(sub\)*section\|paragraph\)\>\|\%$\|\%^'
   let flags = 'W' . a:dir
   while i < a:cnt && search( pat, flags ) > 0
     let i = i+1
   let @/ = pat

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